Some of the Different Types of Industrial Doors You May Come Across

Some of the Different Types of Industrial Doors You May Come Across

Industrial doors are vital to any business, particularly those in warehousing and manufacturing. They provide vital security to the business itself and they ensure whatever is created in the business remains of high quality and doesn’t get damaged. Industrial doors are most often custom designed, which means they are fit for purpose specifically for the business in which they are installed. Furthermore, companies like Direct Industrial Doors also ensure that door maintenance and repairs can be contracted to them. Let’s take a look at the main types of industrial doors you could come across.

Roller Shutters

These are generally the most effective and affordable security solution that can be used in any type of industry. They are often installed on brand new units, but they can also be installed at a later date on refurbished or extended buildings. These doors roll upwards in order to open and downwards in order to close. This gives them far more strength and it means that they can be installed in spaces where vertical space is limited. When rolled up, they form a tube shape at the top of the opening itself, which means very little outwards or inwards space is required or lost.

Sectional Solutions

These types are reasonably new and gaining in popularity. This is due to their affordability and efficiency. They are quickly becoming the most commonly installed types of doors. They open and close using separate, individual panels, which is where the name comes from. These doors can be opened either manually or electronically, with electronic options being more popular, albeit more expensive as well.

Personnel Doors

These doors are designed to allow staff members and visitors in and out of the building. They can come in any type of material and size. This means they can be light weight, or they can be high security made from steel. In almost all cases, these doors are fully custom designed.

Fast Action Doors

Fast action doors are generally a type of rolling door that can be opened and closed at a speed you determine yourself. Hence, it is perfect for areas with a lot of traffic, but also in areas where there are high degrees of environmental control. Furthermore,these doors are known to be ‘self-repairing’, which is also very important in high traffic areas, where it is quite common for doors to be hit by careless or rushed drivers in this case it would be wise to invest in some safety railing to minimise accidents.”

It is very important to understand your own needs before you start looking for industrial doors. The recommendation is to speak to a number of different companies and see what solutions they offer you. Asking around five different companies for information and quotations will give you the opportunity to determine which solution truly is best for you, and which solution is the most affordable. At the same time, however, you must make sure that you focus not on the lowest price, but rather on the best value for money.

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