Set Up Your Google AdWords Campaign in A Few Easy Steps

Set Up Your Google AdWords Campaign in A Few Easy Steps

Are you looking at setting up a Google AdWords campaign? It is much easier than you think! You can set up your account in just a few easy steps and have your campaign up and running in no time at all. Once you have signed up for your AdWords account, hit the ‘Create’ button to get started!



Choose a Campaign Name, Type and Location 

The first thing that you will need to do is choose what category of campaign you want to set up and give it a name. If you are just starting out, we would recommend choosing ‘Search Network Only.’ You should also uncheck the ‘Include Search Partner’ option, but you may want to change this in the future. It is then up to you to choose where you want your ads to show. If you have an online business, you may want to this to be across the whole of the UK, however, if you offer a service reserved for just one area, you’ll want to narrow this down.


Set Your Bid Strategy and Daily Budget

When you first set up your AdWords account, the bid strategy will automatically be set to Google’s default, so you’ll want to change this to manually setting your bids for clicks. This will give you more control over the campaign you are creating and there is always the option to change it back to automatic at a later date. Most days, you will reach the daily budget that you set, so make sure you can definitely afford it! Google offers a few different payment options and some businesses will be eligible for a Google credit line.


Creating Your First Ad Group

In your headline, you will be limited to just 25 characters, so keep it short, snappy and include a keyword if you can. On the second and third line of your ad, you will have a slightly larger character count at 35. Here, we would suggest adding a benefit on the second line, then including either a feature or an offer on the third line. As you monitor the ad, you may want to switch this up once you can see what is working better. The fourth line will display your URL and you can choose a specific landing page to place here or you can also place a tracking link. You should also add in your keywords, which, to start off, should be a small number of important ones.


Set A Maximum Cost Per Click

After you have done all the above, you can then set your price per click limit. Each keyword will have its own bidding price and Google will let you set individual bids for each of them. Remember, if you don’t have the largest budget, stay away from the high-priced keywords as this can drain your entire budget very quickly.


Setting up a campaign is the easy part but monitoring and adjusting your account may be something you struggle with. You may want to consider using an Adwords specialist digital marketing company who can advise you on how best to run your campaign for maximum impact.









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