Joe Tacopina discusses what a criminal defense lawyer is and does

Joe Tacopina is one of the best in his field as a criminal lawyer in the whole of New York City. If you need an attorney in NY why not give him a call. Criminal Defense Lawyers such as Joe Tacopina will deal with any crimes such as illicit goods found in your suitcase to driving offences, theft or fraud. So where does it all begin? Criminal Defense Lawyers have to obtain a law degree and pass the bar examination for their state, in Joe’s case the New York bar examination. Criminal Defense Lawyers such as Joe in NY will carry out the following duties, they will defend criminals in court, attend bail bond hearings, plea bargain meetings, trials and revocation hearings relating to a client’s parole or probation time. They will also attend appeals and post-conviction meetings.

Their job whilst defending a client will be to investigate their case, visit and interview any potential witnesses, checkout litigation, research case law and other statutes and procedures. They will need to bring all of these elements together to build a case to come to the client’s defense; they will use this to develop a strategy to clear the client. From there they may try for a plea bargain to reduce the severity of the charge and therefore reduce the jail time or the amount of the fine. The next stage of the job is to draft, file and argue motions that will defend the client whilst on trial.

You may then ask what makes a great Criminal Defense Lawyers such as Joe Tacopina, you need to have great oral and performance skills. You would need to argue your clients case and convince the jury of his or her innocence. Research and investigative skills are also a good asset. A creative and analytical mind is an unusual combination but it is one that is required of a Criminal Defense Lawyers such as Joe Tacopina. The ability to analyse and create a strategy and compare what has happened to previous cases which set a precedent in law is a necessary requirement for a Criminal Defense Lawyers such as Joe Tacopina. Add to this the need and ability to hold all of this information along with a knowledge of state and federal law, protocol and procedures  inside and out of court and finding a way to successfully navigate the NY criminal justice system. A successful Criminal Defense Lawyers such as Joe Tacopina will also need to be able to build strong bonds and relationships.

It is a very competitive and sought after job and many Criminal Defense Lawyers such as Joe Tacopina will start their careers as prosecutors or public defenders. It is unfortunate you may say that the job is increasing in necessity and popularity due to a good salary and an increase in Crime rates in New York and throughout the whole of the US. Therefore the need for successful Criminal Defense Lawyers such as Joe Tacopina is on the increase.

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