How to be active at your desk

How to be active at your desk

We all know only too well that a desk job can wreak havoc on our health. This sedentary lifestyle is linked to weight gain, joint problems and even a shortened life span.

However, if you make an effort to be active at your desk and eat well, you can actually prevent much of the damage.

Eat well

Unhealthy snacks are the bane of the workplace, but we often reach for them when we need a quick boost.

To avoid this, check out for daily deliveries of fresh, delicious fruit straight to your office door. Eating fruit not only gives you the sugar boost you need to prevent you from feeling sluggish, but it will also benefit your immune system and increase your happiness levels.

Feeling healthier will make you more likely to get out and about in the fresh air and exercise, thus combating the negative effects of sitting at your desk for most of the day.

Fidget more

Fidgeting may seem annoying, but amazingly, those restless people who just can’t stop drumming their fingers on the desk or shaking their feet are the very ones keeping themselves healthy.

Studies show that even fidgeting can actually prevent much of the health concerns associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting at a desk for long hours is associated with a long list of health problems, but British researchers have found that sedentary women who fidget were at no higher risk of death than their more active counterparts, even if those women were sedentary for seven or more hours a day.

Of course, exercise is still important, but it’s nice to know that even a little extra movement throughout the day can do the world of good, so long as it is consistent.

Stay active

Even if you do make the effort to fidget a little more, sitting at your desk chair all day is not healthy. Light exercise can make a huge difference, but it’s difficult to fit that in during the workday.

Make sure you head outside for your lunch break as much as possible, even if it’s for a brisk walk around the block. The fresh air will do you good and make you even more productive when you return.

Take the stairs whenever you can, and try walking or cycling to work. If you live too far away for that, park a little further away from work than you normally would so you still get some exercise in. Last but not least, make an effort to stretch at your desk when you can, and maintain good posture – such small changes can make a big difference.

It may seem difficult, but it certainly is not impossible to be active in your desk job. Try out our tips and see how soon you notice a difference.

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