Choosing a Security System: 5 Options for your Milton Keynes Business

Choosing a Security System: 5 Options for your Milton Keynes Business

Milton Keynes businesses need protection from crime as much as anywhere in the country. Unfortunately the threat of a break-in or the problem of vandalism is just as prevalent in Milton Keynes as it is in other large towns and cities. When businesses choose a security system for their premises they normally select a combination of measures that combine to create the best protection possible, which meets their needs at the required budget. The choice of solutions depends on the specific nature of the business and what needs to be protected, and may include the following:

1. Intruder Alarms

probably the first thing you think of when you consider business security, intruder alarms come in a wide range of configurations from the simple alarm bell that sounds on entry, to monitored systems. Audible alarms are not particularly suited to business security needs as they are not sophisticated enough. You need to go one step up with either a fully monitored or part monitored system. The telephone-response unit alerts the keyholder to the presence of an intruder when the alarm is triggered, using an automated dialling procedure. The keyholder is then responsible for either checking the premises themselves or contacting the police for them to respond to the threat.

2. Monitored Systems

When the alarm is tripped, the signal is sent to a monitoring centre where personnel confirm if it is a false alarm and if not, alert the police or the security provider responsible. Monitored systems work well so long as false alarms are rare. If there are too many false alarms, the police will revoke the monitoring privileges and will not respond to alarm calls until the problem has been rectified. Also, monitored systems do not guarantee a police response – the police force is responsible for deciding on level of threat.

3. Access Control

Milton Keynes security measures also include controlling access to parts of the building and premises to staff and authorised personnel. You can set up gates and fences, and install biometric testing systems to only admit the registered people. It’s a good option to be able to track movements around the premises and also allow free access to those who need it.

4. Security Guards

A private security guard service is an excellent deterrent and also helps to protect the building’s assets from theft. Security staff must be fully licensed and meet with UK regulation.


CCTV provides effective surveillance for buildings and outdoor premises and can be installed on a range of systems to meet a variety of needs. It is a flexible solution and can be cost effective as the price of advanced systems has fallen in recent years.

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