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How Can Two-way Radios Improve Your Business

Communication and coordination is the key to every successful undertaking. Thanks to technological advancement, this has been made easier, and you no longer have to worry about your workers whenever they go out in the field. You can easily communicate with all of them at the same time; monitor their situation which ensures safety for all. Two-way radios provide an incredible solution when it comes to business site communication. There are endless reasons why they are the best option compared to Read more [...]

Three Ways to Secure Your Business’s Email Accounts

You probably know how important it is to secure your presence online, but it’s even more important if you run your own business. If hackers are able to get to your information, your financial accounts, clients’ personal information, and more can all be compromised. That’s why so many businesses go to great lengths to secure their website, but not all pay the same attention to their methods of communication. This is especially true when it comes to email. A lot of important information Read more [...]

How to Set a Good Driving Example For Your Child  

As the leader of your family, it’s your responsibility to help make sure that your child has the best possible chances of becoming a safe driver. When it’s their turn to take the wheel, you want to be sure they understand not only the basic operation of the vehicle, but also how to: Use good driver etiquette Handle unexpected emergency situations Deal with accidents and injuries Deal with other drivers Navigate unfamiliar territories Teaching Good Driver Etiquette Teaching Read more [...]

Choosing a Security System: 5 Options for your Milton Keynes Business

Milton Keynes businesses need protection from crime as much as anywhere in the country. Unfortunately the threat of a break-in or the problem of vandalism is just as prevalent in Milton Keynes as it is in other large towns and cities. When businesses choose a security system for their premises they normally select a combination of measures that combine to create the best protection possible, which meets their needs at the required budget. The choice of solutions depends on the specific nature of Read more [...]

Security Risks working from home

Working from home is an ideal situation that provides freedom and flexibility for many people. Whether it’s freelancers, software developers, online consultants or one of the many other thousands of job titles available, one thing is certain; today’s technology has made it possible to connect to the workplace from virtually anywhere that one chooses to call home. While having a home based office has some incredible advantages, it also requires more vigilance and forethought in regards to security Read more [...]

Protecting Records in a Fireproof Environment

Without the safety of a vault door to protect your business, a fire can destroy the vital records of your organization at any time. A burned document is irretrievable and unrecoverable. A loss of this magnitude is devastating to a business financially. It disrupts operations and endangers legal rights. Perhaps the worst part is that historical data disappears permanently.   An organization must plan well in order to circumvent a loss of this kind. For instance, a records disaster plan covers Read more [...]

Save Resources with Up To Date plans

it's important for any business to focus on having up to date plans for dealing with disruptions and emergencies; business continuity should be a priority when something does wrong, which means having a clear set of resources that can be used to restore balance in the event of a problem. There are many different ways to plan for incidents, and to preserve business continuity, which can help you to save on resources and prevent long term disruptions that can hurt your bottom line. How, then, should Read more [...]

White Collar Crimes: Penalties Increasing?

With the increased media coverage of white collar crimes, many people feel the time is right for increased penalties for such crimes.  However, no legislation is pending for such measures.  The country is in need of qualified individuals, preferably who have completed a social justice masters program, to help improve the current laws and practices. Currently, individuals facing federal white collar criminal charges can expect the following penalties. Criminal Penalties In Read more [...]

5 Tips To Keep Your Money Safe

Your money is one of your most precious assets. Without it, you can't buy food or keep a roof over your head. Therefore, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your money safe from those who want to take it from you. Here are five ways that you can keep your money safe.   1) Only Keep A Certain Amount On You At All Times   If you are going out at night, you should only keep $50 or so on you at any given time. This will make it easier to give up your cash if you are held up at Read more [...]