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All that you need to know about the new EMV chip credit card payment system

There was a deadline for all the US retailers to switch their payment mode to the technology that is called EMV. This implies that you will now require verifying your credit card both with a swipe and also with a chip. The payment industry experts have spoken about how EMV works, all that is happening in the industry and what EMV might mean for an average shopper. Read on to know more on this. A crash course on EMV If you still don’t know what EMV stands for, then its Europay, MasterCard Read more [...]

How To Save For Your IRA

Saving money is a learnable skill, not just an innate trait that some people have and some people don’t. Big spenders can be rehabilitated and brought back down to earth. All that they need is some discipline, some time to build new habits and the education of how money can actually work for them. The miracle of compound interest can be revealed to anyone who is willing to listen. And when the saving party starts, it makes sense to open an IRA so that you can benefit in your golden years from all Read more [...]

What You Should Know About Your Juvenile Delinquency Case

Despite the decline of juvenile cases by 65% since 2014, the juvenile court still receives caseload every month. According to the National Center for Juvenile Justice, out of 100,000 people aged 10-17, there are about 3,000 facing juvenile cases. These cases include violent crimes like rape, robbery, and murder; property crimes like arson, burglary, theft; and other offenses like drug abuse, vandalism, etc.   Trends and Common Offenses in Juvenile Courts A large majority of juvenile Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know on Your First Time Offending the Law

Is this your first time offending the law? The experience can be confusing especially if you want to avoid prosecution. Luckily, first offender programs exist to help with these kinds of dilemma. First offender programs give you time to avoid conviction if you have no previous criminal or felony charges. Remember that this is often only available for criminal charges. Parking violations do not count as a criminal charge. Eligibility for the program will vary depending on which state you are Read more [...]

Jonathan Bunge – Getting Your First Job as a Lawyer

As experienced litigators like Jonathan Bunge can tell you, there will always be a demand for skilled legal talent, especially in markets like Chicago where there is a lot of competition between the top firms.  This is good news for new law school graduates looking for their first position with a firm.  Here are some tips to help guide your search.   Be open to the possibility that you may need to move One of the biggest challenges in finding any new job can be a reluctance to move Read more [...]

Bank Smart and Make use of Living Trusts

Today most people work corporate jobs that require them to work long and tiresome hours, you see most people will work the entire week and then go out on weekends and try to escape the world of finance and financial debt, now depending on the person you will find the difference in weekend escape activities. Most people will choose to try and escape the world they currently live in by saving up for years at a time and them taking two weeks of holiday and jetting off to another world, totally different Read more [...]

Lessons Everyone Can Learn After a Car Accident

Life is a series of accidents. It’s when you get up and learn something from it that you can say you’re living it the right way. Accidents happen, whether you are careful or not. You could keep your car in tiptop condition, follow all road signs, drive at the suggested speed limit, and focus on the road. These lessen the risk, however, they do not 100% guarantee your safety while driving. Sometimes, you just have to accept the accident for what it is, and reflect on what happened. I had my Read more [...]

The best law schools in America in 2016

Looking to not only get a law degree, but from a school that will set you apart from the competition? In this post, we will discuss five of the best law schools in America, so if you wish to achieve great success like JD Dukes has, read carefully and take notes as you work your way through the article below... 1) Duke Duke's core strength lies in offering the types of law that will experience growth in the future. Specifically, two of these are environmental and international law, which will Read more [...]

How to Manage Property after a Divorce

Dividing financial assets between divorced couples can take a long time, and is often chaotic. After all, it’s easy to say that a matrimonial home is a shared asset that must be equitably divided. However, when this theory is practiced in real life, it becomes complicated. Generally, each spouse has the right to claim 50% of the home equity minus the amount contributed for the purchase of the home. To avoid any complications, you can check out the following tips. Keep the original mortgage In Read more [...]

Suzzanne Uhland for Your Bankruptcy and Chapter 11 Needs

Suzzanne Uhland has a long history, more than 20 years, or legal experience in the fields of Chapter 11 and out of court restructurings. She has become an expert in her field during that time and is often called upon for her expertise in the matter. Education Suzzanne received an excellent education, first at Stanford University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Economics and a Master of Arts Degree in Linguistics. She moved on to Yale University afterward – earning a JD Read more [...]