Winning Advice for Novice Sales Representatives

Have you just landed your first job as a sales representative or account representative? Congratulations are in order.  Training varies from company to company. Some companies may place more emphasis on product training, others may hone in on sales techniques and presentation standards. One of the fundamental characteristics of successful, seasoned sales representatives is the desire to continuously learn and improve. After solid product training, follow these recommendations from the sales professionals to kick start your successful career in sales. You’ll be meeting and exceeding your sales goals in no time.

The sales cycles varies from industry to industry and product to product. There are, however, several fundamental components to the process that must be mastered. First impressions are critical. Take advantage of the deals offered by Groupon and invest in a professional jacket and trousers form the terrific selection available from Rue 21.   How do you convert a prospect into a client?  Prospects are only going to do business with people they trust.  If you have the highest quality and lowest priced widget on the market, prospects will not purchase from you unless they trust and respect you. Be honest and authentic.  Selling is as much about relationship building as it is moving products. The goal of the first meeting with a prospect is to develop a basic relationship, ask probing questions about their business and needs. Listening is one of the greatest skills a sales representative can have. After you have uncovered the challenged your prospect is experiencing, it’s your job to present a solution. This might happen at the next meeting or you may take days or weeks working with your team to devise a strategy and presentation. Whatever the case, never, ever make a promise that you can’t meet. When unforeseen problems arise, own them immediately; communicate with the client immediately and present alternative solutions as they become available. In other words, take professional responsibility for the entire sales cycle.

Finally, stay in close contact with your clients after the sale. Travel with seasoned sales representatives and continue attending sales training and sale workshops as they become available. Best of luck to you in your new career in sales!


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