Why You Should Use Software to Capture Innovative Ideas

Why You Should Use Software to Capture Innovative Ideas

The concept of idea management is a very broad and big one. In fact, different people are likely to describe it in very different ways. Unfortunately, because it is such a broad concept, some businesses simply ignore it. Instead, all they need to do is install idea management software, and get started on capturing ideas and driving their business forward.

How Idea Management Software Can Help

When you put this type of software in place, you will essentially have a tool to start on your journey of innovation, allowing for growth and insights. This offers you three key benefits:

  1. Employee driven innovation.
  2. Business/process improvement (BPI).
  3. Employee engagement.

Employee Engagement

There have been countless studies to prove that engaged employees are more productive employees. Essentially, working with your employees, instead of expecting them to work for you, gives you a competitive advantage. That is why the heart of idea management is actually employee engagement.

It builds on the relationship between the company and its staff, making them feel part of the entire organization. Engaged employees are more committed, look forward to their work, and become more productive. Essentially, engaged employees are happy employees.

Your staff needs to know that they are no disposable. If they are to invest in the business, they have to feel appreciated for this. When they do, they embody the mission and they support the work towards reaching that mission. Hence, your employees have to be heard, and they have to feel like they have the right to have ideas, and that these will be listened to. This is what idea management software does. No longer will your employees feel as if they only have a voice during team meetings, speaking solely about their own team, but they will have a voice in everything.

When you staff knows that they are heard, and that their opinion drives the company forward, they become happy. Did you know that around 61% of people have said they would be more likely to look for different work if they aren’t engaged? Yet that 87% of people say they would stay in a job in which they are engaged? And those are just some of the benefits! Others include:

  • Productivity is improved massively because they are more motivated.
  • Recruitment and retention works better, meaning you as a business are more likely to invest in your top talent, because you know that people will stay with you.
  • You will develop innovation, which is a necessary element of any successful business nowadays.

Through idea management software, you have a key function that ensures your business develops a positive environment, committed to innovation. Your employees will feel as if they matter, and this will make them more motivated and inclined to work harder for you company as well. Overall, it is a win-win situation: people feel better and become more productive, and this means your business operates better overall. Don’t dismiss innovation management software, therefore, but see it for what it is: the way forward.

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