Why you should choose a master’s in business administration

Why you should choose a master’s in business administration

The business sector is one industry that covers a vast number of occupations and fields. More specifically, opportunities for those earning a master’s in business administration (MBA) abound in this current economic environment. For those considering earning an advanced degree, especially an MBA over other degrees in business, evidence supports the benefits of this degree program over others.

One of the major reasons why an MBA is probably the best investment for those considering pursing an advanced degree is that the opportunities for work are numerous and varied. Those with an MBA might find themselves in any industry or sector within the economy. Diverse industries such as those in chemicals, utilities, fashion, health, grocery, and construction all require management and managers who understand systems, efficiency, and operational issues, and these are areas that are not a part of the traditional business job sector. Traditionally, those with MBAs can find themselves employed in any one of the following industries:

  • Compliance officer: a compliance officer oversees organizations to make sure that they comply with current regulations and law. These positions are usually found in government entities such as the public school system, health care, telecommunications, and finance. This field is so popular that it has been ranked number 16 in a report by US News and World Reports (US News).
  • Business Operations Management: these managers help business departments coordinate needs to meet their goals. Duties might include negotiating contracts with vendors, working with union leaders, making decisions regarding supply chain management, and hiring new employees. US News reported in 2014 that job growth in this area will be around 7 percent in the next ten years.
  • Financial Manager: financial managers supervise a business’s finances, produce financial reports and profit projections, and ensure that their employers comply with regulations and laws. These people usually come from backgrounds in economics, finance, or accounting.
  • Medical and Health Services Managers: these professionals are health-care executives and administrators, and they are in charge of making sure that health-care organizations operate efficiently and adhere to changes in law and regulations. These professionals work with doctors, health insurance representatives, and other health and medical professionals. In the next ten years, these jobs are expected to increase to 17 percent, as jobs in this sector have become popular.
  • Accountants: the field of accounting includes auditors, risk assessment and asset management planning, forensic accountants, and chief financial officers.

The opportunity for employment in this field is motivation enough to go ahead and get that MBA, but salaries in the sector are another reason to pursue the degree, as they tend to be competitive and provide a living wage.

Most graduate programs require students to have some work experience before being admitted to a program. In that time, you should research programs of interest to see what their areas of focus are. One program offers nine concentrations in business ranging from the traditional programs such as accounting, marketing, and financial services to non-traditional careers within business in cybersecurity and health-care management. Furthermore, while it might seem like a leap to get admitted to a program that offers an MBA, prospective students can take a number of routes. The first, of course, is the conventional route of working the required number of years before applying for a program and then being admitted to that program, a program with a traditional course schedule that meets throughout the day. The second route, which is becoming increasingly popular, is to complete your degree through any number of the online programs available. Maryville’s online program, for instance, allows a person to earn an online MBA with no GMAT in as little as a year and then move into their chosen field within business. Online courses are more convenient for students with a family who find that they need a curriculum that allows them the flexibility to plan their course of study around their family’s activities and their own work schedule. Conversely, those unmarried people who have a busy, active lifestyle might find this type of flexible course of study more convenient for completing this type of degree.

Many post-graduate employment opportunities are available for someone interested, or even thinking about, returning to school. With an advanced degree in business, one could find themselves working in diverse types of fields, and there are numerous possibilities for job mobility. Whether deciding to attend school through traditional means or whether deciding to enroll in an online program, professionals can actually achieve the dream of grabbing that job offer at a white-shoe firm with a corner office overlooking some well-to-do business district in Big Economy America.

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