Why it’s Crucial for Your Business to have a Website

Why it’s Crucial for Your Business to have a Website

You may be a traditionalist, and you may think: “Businesses existed for decades without a website, so why should I need one now?” Fair enough, you may be able to build a business without the modern convenience of having a website, but one thing is for sure: there’s a lot of missed opportunity if you don’t have a website that attracts visitors. In fact, a business without a website is like a business that doesn’t exist. A potential customer who wants to check you out online but can’t find your website, will probably check out the competition first via their site. So for all those who still have doubts: here’s why it’s crucial for your business to have a website.


Cut your advertising costs

Think about it: you’ll have to spend some money on advertising – but having a website is actually a lot cheaper. Your customers will find their way to you via your website- resulting in an increase in your customer base and a much larger demographic.. And for the environmentally conscious: it’s a lot greener than pamphlets and other promotional materials.

Increase your customers

Most businesses cater only to those in the immediate neighbourhood – the locals who hear about you through local advertising or word-of-mouth. However, with a website, the whole world is your oyster– and even if your business caters only to locals, you have the chance to build a great reputation, which translates into prestige and more customers.

Building credibility

You’ll immediately look more credible when you have a website – not because it proves that you are web-savvy or up-to-date, but simply because you look approachable and because you are able to give information to your potential customers whenever they need it.

Foster better relationships

Not only does a website increase your customer base (re: more sales), it also fosters new and long-lasting relationships because you have more avenues of communication with a potential customer. You may be doing business with people you’ve never met, or receiving discounts by promoting other businesses on your website. For example, if you’re able to promote the business that prints your packaging on your website, you may actually get a discount next time you need your products boxed and ready to go.

Here’s another often forgotten or underestimated fact about having a website: it brings an enormous amount of satisfaction. Building your own website comes with a few challenges, and the process requires some dedication in terms of technical issues and creative design. But there’s nothing like seeing a well-developed website up and running and drumming up business, especially if you have help from website builders such as the Web Eden free website builder. It’s simply amazing to see how far you can go with even the simplest of sites. Really, having a website is not just a luxury any longer – it’s a necessity.

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