What Skills Do CEOs Have That Set Them Apart

What Skills Do CEOs Have That Set Them Apart

The CEOs of this World are some of the richest, most powerful, most intelligent and high functioning men and women on the planet. A CEO or Chief Executive Officer is the highest position which can be held in a company and they are the person that heads up the board of directors, they make decisions on a daily basis which have huge impacts and when talking about CEOs of the World’s largest companies, they make decisions which can have impacts on global economies.

We were talking to highly successful automotive CEO Robert Bassam recently about what are the skills that set CEOs apart from us mere mortals and here are our findings.


Without question the CEOs of this World are the most driven people in the company, they are the ones who lead change, they are the men and women with 110% commitment at all times come rain or shine. No CEO worth their salt ever sits back and relaxes and their mind is on the success of their business at all times.


If you thought that CEOs got to where they are through being ruthless dictators then you would be wrong and the truth is actually to the contrary. Whilst a CEO will need to have a strong level of discipline in terms of what their expectations are, they must be liked by the general population in order to gain the hearts and minds of those that work for them and those that work with them.

Forward Thinkers

Chief execs are always on the look out for what is next, how they can find new gaps in the market to exploit, where they can push for growth and expand their success. Equally, this forward-thinking nature is what helps them to prepare their company for the future and what it may have in store for them, good or bad. The most successful CEOs are the ones who always have one eye on the future.

Risk Taking

Playing it safe is not in the vocabulary of most CEOs and in order to achieve high levels of success there must be an element of taking risks within their psyche. Naturally these will be calculated risks and not reckless acts which could jeopardize the success of the business. Without risks however, new ways of success cannot be found and it is for this reason that CEOs have a risk taking nature about them.

Team Building

Chief Executive Officers can often be measured by the quality of the team which they have surrounded themselves with. The ability to build a team with the right parts is absolutely crucial to the success of a company and it is the responsibility of the CEO to ensure that the team is running smoothly. Whilst the CEO is at the head of the table, they cannot achieve anything without a great team and the very best in the business are the ones who have surrounded themselves with the right people

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