Vipul Amin: The Wise Investment of an Internet Technology Investor

Vipul Amin: The Wise Investment of an Internet Technology Investor

Vipul Amin is a successful shareholder, businessman and part of the expert management team who set up a successful UK internet company called uSwitch in the year 2000.

He and two of his business associates noticed that the market was ready for an innovative type of internet service that the UK had never seen before.

Vipul Amin decided to become a shareholder in uSwitch as he noticed major changes in internet use and consumer habits in the early years of the 2000s.

Formed an Alliance with top Business Leaders

Along with the CEO Andrew Salmon and founder George Milford Haven, the three capitalised on fast broadband penetration in the UK, thousands of new internet users, and millions of annual transactions to make energy prices the most transparent possible for consumers.

They set-up uSwitch as increased energy prices were forcing more and more consumers online to find the best prices. To Amin, Salmon and Lord Milford Haven, giving consumers back maximum power to choose which services they wanted made a lot of sense at the time.

Vipul Amin is a dynamic multi-faceted businessman

Mr Vipul Amin is a very dynamic businessman and currently holds no less than 12 appointments at 12 different active companies all over the world. He has been involved in many great business ventures worldwide ranging from countries such as the USA, UK and India to name but a few.

His track record is impressive and in total he has worked with and collaborated with over 36 companies to date and held an impressive 52 appointments in his career until now.

A businessman with diverse interests

Vipul Amin started his first appointment at the young age of 31 and has learnt from many different companies in varied sectors such as uSwitch which has been one of the highlights of his career.

It is no wonder that uSwitch wanted to work with him because of his great experience and he became a shareholder and top level advisor at the company because his insight into many different industries and companies convinced him that uSwitch had great potential considering the recent deregulation of the energy market.

Vipul Admin´s longest current appointment has lasted over 5 years at the Solis Consulting Group Limited.

Invests in Companies at the right time

Vipul Amin was one of nine shareholders and friends of George Milford Haven who saw a great opportunity to provide a new, innovative price-comparison site for UK consumers in the year 2000 and so became involved in what he considered to be a very exciting venture.

This decision was to prove very lucrative when he finally earned a large amount when the company was taken over in 2006. Not every investor would have chosen to invest so much money in the internet sector at this time so one must appreciate Mr Admin´s intuition and sharp business acumen.

Moreover, Mr Amin played an important role in the company and made a huge contribution to make it the number one website in the UK to allow customers to openly and transparently compare prices online and change suppliers if necessary. He knew that the company he was investing in

Excellent Business Deal in 2006

Vipul Armin and his colleagues George Milford Haven and Andrew Salmon sold uSwitch to an American TV broadcaster called EW Scripps and was considered a great deal at the time in UK business circles. Other rival bidders who wanted to acquire uSwitch included important internet companies like Experian and DMGT.

uSwitch enabled consumers to change suppliers more easily after the deregulation of gas and electricity markets in the UK.

Vipul Amin will always be recognised as the astute Indian investor and businessman based in the US and UK.

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