Verification of Identity Made Simpler with InfoTrack’s IDfy

Verification of Identity Made Simpler with InfoTrack’s IDfy

Various states in Australia require Verification of Identity, or VOI, of any client transferring land or lease title to another, done to protect people from fraudulent land titles and reduce the risks of improper dealings. Through acts and legislations passed governing real estate and property transactions, lawyers, conveyancers, and mortgagees are mandated to perform identity checks on their clients to help reduce the number of fraudulent land and property transfers.

Traditionally, Verification of Identity is done manually. Legal practitioners or agents have to have a personal interview with the client. They must also obtain a copy of the different documents required by the government for verification from the client such as their Australian or foreign passport, driver’s license, and any certificate with regards to any change in their name such as a marriage certificate. You must then securely keep these files in an organized fashion. To make it worse, this is usually done through physical papers, which makes it harder to organize and keep track of necessary paperwork. This is made simpler through IDfy, InfoTrack’s state-of-the-art VOI system designed to centralize and organize all your VOI-related activities.

Through apps like IDfy, you are guided on how to comply with current VOI standards in Australia, providing you guidelines on what you and your client need to do to be able to verify their identity. With the IDfy app, you would be able to simplify the Verification of Identity process. Through the app you would be able to:

  • Input the client’s profile. Through the app’s simple interface, you would be able to enter the required information such as the client’s name, address, and birthdate. You would also be able to take a photo of your client and attach it to the client profile. IDfy organizes and securely stores this information for you, thereby saving you time and energy manually keeping track of each client.

  • Attach the documents required. You no longer have to manually scan documents required by the legislation. Through the app, you could use your phone’s camera to take photo of the required documents, such as your client’s passport and driver license. It also checks to see if you collected all the documents needed, as required by the categories given by the government.

  • Sign the client and verifier declarations. Using a phone stylus, you and your client would be able to digitally sign the required declaration form. You also have the ability to resign the document if you are not satisfied with the signatures, eliminating the need of having a physical paper for signing and further reprints in case you need to make any corrections.

  • Do all of the above at the comfort of your office. Since all is done through your phone, there is no need to move back and forth to the filing room to organize all the things mentioned above as you may do so at your own office. You would also be able to process the whole Verification of Identity face-to-face with the client, thereby eliminating any awkward moments, leaving the client on his own in your office.

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