Using Proper Cleanroom Solutions for Drive Repair

Using Proper Cleanroom Solutions for Drive Repair

One of the biggest dangers to businesses today is data loss. All organizations now use computers for their daily operations and, if for whatever reason this data becomes inaccessible, businesses experience significant downtime. So much so, in fact, that businesses could end up closing. This is why all businesses have to plan for data recovery, having software solutions in place to repair data servers and computers. But, at the same time, they need contacts for drive repair and they must make sure that those use proper cleanroom solutions.

Why Do Drives Fail?

There are numerous reasons why a computer drive can fail, including:

  • Regular wear and tear. Over time, the different drive components are used so much that some physical damage is experienced.
  • Sudden spikes in voltage, which can lead to electrical and electronic failure on the drive.
  • Improper handling of the device itself, which can cause the drive components to become physically damaged. An example of this is when someone drops a laptop, for instance, which can damage the delicate components of the device.

If the drive physically fails, a telltale sign is that it makes an unusual or strange noise. Grinding and clicking noises, for instance, can mean that there is damage or wear to the read and write heads. If this happens, it is vital that the computer is switched off immediately, thereby preventing even more damage. It is also possible for a “Drive Not Found” message to appear on the screen. This could mean that an electrical or electronic component has failed. Drive motor damage is a prime example. If this is the case, then a hard drive crash recovery system should be completed and that should be done professionally.

The Need for Cleanroom Solutions

Data is an incredibly valuable asset and it is vital, therefore, that businesses only use recovery services that are completely trusted. They should have experience in the different operating systems as well, so that the right type of recovery service is offered. But mainly, the location on which the drive is repaired has to follow proper maintenance and cleanliness standards.

Look for the federal standards that the lab adheres to for starters. They should also show their ISO (International Standards Organization) qualifications, which is perhaps even more important. That is because this is the rating of their cleanroom environment. Essentially, you need to see an ISO rating that tells you that the drives will only be disassembled and repaired in an environment that is completely free of contaminants and dust. Look for a Class 100 federal rating and/or an ISO 5 rating at least.

You should also look into the atmospheric contaminant controls. A good lab will use ULPA (ultra-low particulate air) filters. They should also be properly maintained. Furthermore, a gowning antechamber, also class-rated, should be present. This will ensure that personnel does not bring in any particles to the cleanroom itself.

You must look into these qualifications before you trust a service to repair your drives.

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