Use These Tools to Get More Done Every Day

Use These Tools to Get More Done Every Day

Trying to make the most of your every day? These apps and tools will help you to complete your projects or keep up with your work schedule so that you can feel satisfied by the time you punch out.

1. Dragon Mobile Assistant has voice recognition software that helps you perform a variety of tasks on Android. The apps is similar to Siri for the iPhone.

2. Goods Order Inventory will let you not just sell products, but also track items, manage inventory, and transfer stock. Wherever your products are, you can keep an eye on them.

3. Google Drive is excellent for collaborators, because it lets you share documents with other remote workers.
?4. GoToMyPC is perfect for when you need to access a file on your PC when you’re not home or at the office. You can get to your computer wherever you are via a mobile device or another PC.

4. oursTracker will help you keep your hours organized for billing. Timers and manual entry are available, and you can also track how much time you spend on specific tasks.

5. MakeMe is an ideal app for procrastinators. You can input your goals and then track your progress. You work with team members located around the globe to provide encouragement and to celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

6. PayAnywhere is great iff your small business accepts all the major credit cards and PayPal. You can let clients and customers pay you without any fuss. You won’t even need to buy fancy software!

7. Producteev is an app that will help you automate your project management. Information is gathered from your calendar, e-mail via Outlook, and tasks into a format that lets you manage the project. Once your Outlook has been imported, you’ll be able to collaborate with other team members, delegate tasks, and update the status of projects so that everyone’s on the same page.

8. Scraps is perfect for people who get fleeting thoughts and ideas. When fragments of ideas pop into your head throughout the day, record them with this iOS app. You have the option to mark ideas as favorites or to archive them if you don’t need them until later. You can also organize your Scraps into groups.

9. Wunderlist is the perfect app for list-lovers. Create lists for various tasks, add sub-lists or notes to each list, and drag-and-drop to reorganize as needed.

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