Top Trends in Internet Marketing for 2013

Top Trends in Internet Marketing for 2013

It’s absolutely true that the Internet has changed the way we live – and even the way we do business. Digital innovations have brought us increasingly interactive, visually exciting websites; social networks abound everywhere; and almost everyone has experienced the benefits of online shopping.

The business sector has not escaped the digital revolution, either. Any modern enterprise now has a website to speak of, and Internet marketing is at its peak. But the world of Internet marketing is truly dynamic – it is virtually changing from day to day. There are numerous trends cropping up, and enterprises that want to stay ahead need to jump onto the bandwagon and adapt their marketing methods as well.

Let’s take a closer look at some Internet marketing trends for 2013:

The rise of visual marketing

The visual appeal of any brand cannot be denied. This is why companies pay so much attention to the designs of their logos and their websites. But the visual factor is gaining more importance with the introduction of sites like Pinterest, where people can basically look at photos that other individuals have posted.



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There is also the increasing popularity of infographics to contend with – who wants to bother reading a whole paragraph of text, anyway? Even tried and tested social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter constantly change their visual image to keep up with the demand for more attractive and appealing set-ups.

The rise of mobile development

Mobile is in, and there’s no denying this simple fact, just ask this Florida SEO Company. Mobile development has changed the way we communicate and interact with each other as well. With the smartphones of today, people can play video games, watch viral videos, shop, do an array of financial transactions, send emails, and do a search of almost anything under the sun. A company that latches on to this trend by also focusing on their mobile development platforms would go quite far, indeed.

The rise of video

Did you know that 68% of individuals who watch videos share these videos on their social network accounts? In an average week, you can expect 30 billion videos to be watched by people around the world. As a company trying to rise to the marketing challenge, you can never go wrong with a video campaign. Video production is booming, especially because it is so accessible now to anyone. Faster Internet speeds and better mobile phones have contributed to the popularity of videos everywhere.

The rise of multi-screen marketing

Once again, this is related to mobile development. Individuals who watch the telly are also likely to be fiddling with their smartphones at the same time. So, what does this mean for companies? This means that companies have to adapt to a changing mindset and multi-screen channels. Take advantage of all screens, and not just desktop PCs or laptops.

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