Top Four Security Fundamentals Every Business Should Consider

Top Four Security Fundamentals Every Business Should Consider

Once you start up a business it’s all excitement and vision for the future, but without the right security features in place, those visions may never come to fruition. Here are the top four fundamentals of security you should start thinking about, if you haven’t already.

1) Risk Assessments and Safety Training

Performing thorough risk assessments allows you to see your security issues for what they really are. Think about the way you dispose of documents and where you save important files, such as client payment details. Once you’ve got an idea of how you can improve, look for ways in which staff training can help to improve security from the inside. This could be something as simple as what to do when an alarm goes off, but your staff are your greatest asset, so use them to help make your facility more secure.

2) Building Security Measures

These can range from alarms to lighting, so you need to figure out what your company needs. In some areas you’ll need standard alarms on windows and doors with motion detectors, while in others you may need CCTV installed and extra lighting so that if a crime does occur, the culprit is more easily identifiable. All of these elements can be connected straight to the local police too.

Then think about the entrance/exits to your buildings and how you can make them more secure for your staff; having remote-controlled metal shutters will help to lower the risk to your employees, as will the use of key fobs and code locks.

3) Secure Your Surroundings

Paramount Steel fence have a huge variety of fencing options for businesses who hold security as a top priority, from manual and automatic gates, to palisade or mesh fencing. The great thing about this feature is that it also helps to make your staff feel safer when leaving work late at night, or when the months become darker much earlier in the evening. They won’t have to worry about walking to their car if they know that your building is protected from intruders.

4) Online Security

There’s more to security than physical precautions though, as modern businesses are well-aware of the potential for cyber-attacks and hackers who want to steal client information, bank details or even intellectual property of businesses. To help combat this, getting the right firewalls and anti-virus software is vital, but you also need to look at how you can back-up your data in the event of it being stolen and your system wiped. You can read more details on this area of security right here.

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