Top 10 Healthy Office Snacks

Top 10 Healthy Office Snacks

If you are a snacker at home, prepare for that habit to hit you hard at work. The best way to do that is to bring snacks with you from home to help curb hunger and add protein to get you through between mealtimes. Keeping healthy snacks on hand at work ensures that you do not make the mistake of heading to the vending machine.


  1. String Cheese: High in protein, string cheese provides a small amount of fat and only about 80 calories.


  1. Nut mix: Put together an assortment of nuts, which contain omega-9 fatty acid and olive oil, both components of good heart health. Seeds and nuts are some of the healthiest snacks out there.


  1. Half an avocado and mozzarella. The avocado fruit is high in fiber, and when you pair it with some fresh sliced mozzarella cheese, you have a filling snack that can help you make it through the day.


  1. Fruit delivery service: Many successful companies are realizing the benefits of stocking a wide variety of fresh fruit in the office. Workers enjoy added health benefits of fruit delivery, and productivity increases by having a selection of seasonal fruit on hand.


  1. Hard-boiled eggs: One hard-boiled egg packs about 6 grams of protein but only adds 70 calories to your day. It is a filling, protein-friendly snack. Also, make an egg white salad easily by combining two egg whites, a bit of Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, some freshly chopped dill and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.


  1. Make your own pita chips: By making your own pita chips, you can control the amount of fat and salt on your chips. Pita chips are less likely to crumble or break than potato or kale chips, and they taste great with hummus.


  1. Peanut, seed or nut butter: A spoonful of peanut butter is an ideal way to calm your cravings. Sweet, salty, sticky and delicious, the flavor comes out with a cold glass of milk. Alternatively, knock out a serving of vegetables by spreading it on cucumbers or celery.


  1. Yogurt with your own added topping: Yogurt is a super mid-afternoon snack at the office. Just make sure that you avoid the ones with added sugar at the bottom. Instead, dress it up with honey, fresh fruit, nuts or a dash of rose water.


  1. Crunchy Chickpeas: These are like your favorite bag of chips, spicy, salty and crunchy. However, they are good for you and add some protein as a mid-morning pick-up.


  1. Assorted raw vegetables: Regardless of the veggies you choose, you end up with an almost no-calorie spicy, crunchy snack when you toss them with sea salt, pepper and lemon juice.


Tips to Snack Healthy at Work


Keep an assortment of snack enhancers at the office, such as honey, a small bottle of olive oil, cinnamon, kosher salt and a pepper grinder. Leave a few tools in the office kitchen, include a cheap paring knife and a cutting board, in case you leave in a rush at home and do not have time to cut up your vegetables. Pack smart by investing in containers that keep things from cracking or dry and wet ingredients from touching.





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