Tips for Engaging your Audience in your brand at an Exhibition

Tips for Engaging your Audience in your brand at an Exhibition

If you’re taking your brand to a trade or marketing exhibition, you’ve no doubt started to think about things you can do to help maximise the success of your time there, in terms of making an impact on the attendees and hopefully making some sales or securing long-term partnerships.

Exhibitions and trade shows allow you to connect with your audience on a personal level, so you should aim to utilise this to your advantage as much as possible. A key way to do this is to really engage those passers-by with your company. We’ve come up with some tips for doing just that.

Have a team ready to speak to people

It sounds pretty obvious, but it’s such an important point; you’ll need a well-briefed team of employees ready and waiting to welcome people to your stand to answer any questions they have and to be of assistance. If you’ve never been to a trade fair before and don’t know what to expect so don’t know how to prepare, there are lots of useful resources here.

Ensure your exhibition stand is full of information about you

Making sure your exhibition stand carried a strong campaign theme that tells your company’s story is vital for engaging with your audience so that people will start to identify with who you are and what you do. You could use things like real customer testimonials as part of your display to show potential customers how you have helped people like them previously.  Make sure your over-arching theme is seamlessly integrated across all communication channels including your graphics, on-site digital engagement tools, marketing literature, social media and even evident in the 3D design and architecture of your exhibition stand.

Consider using technology to connect with your audience

It doesn’t just have to be about good signage and presentation stands, though these are of course very important and you can even get portable display equipment, too! Some companies that provide great exhibition equipment even offer the option of more interactive technologies to help engage with your audience further. This can include things like videos, virtual quizzes or even alternative realities.

Reward them for taking their time to visit your exhibition stand

Exhibition shows get pretty busy so there’s a lot to see and do. Therefore if someone has taken the time out to come up to your stand, it’s important that they walk away feeling like they’ve got something from it, in terms of a reward. Rewards are obviously a great way of drawing people in, too. This can be things like handing out freebies with your logo on, to offering them discounts on your products or services, via a special discount they could only get from the exhibition.  You could even have a tiered system for giveaways, whereby certain “hot leads” are given preferred themed giveaways.

Encourage the audience to ask questions if you’re hosting a presentation

When you’ve finished your presentation, encourage the audience to ask any questions they may have. Gathering further information from your presentation can help to keep the conversation going, and  solve any problems or unanswered questions your audience may have about your organisation. After all, your presentation won’t be able to cover absolutely everything so it’s a great way of knowing that some of those extra things you wanted to include on there will be talked about.


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