The Secrets of Mystery Shoppers

The Secrets of Mystery Shoppers

If you run a business, research is the key to making sure that you are meeting your goals and making your customers happy. One of the most effective ways to research is to use a mystery shopper – someone who can enter your place of business while posing as a customer, then report back to you with observations and feedback on their experience. This is a great way to understand what the experience is like for your customers, so that you can improve the service you offer.

The mystery shopping profession is somewhat secretive – as mystery shoppers want to keep up the illusion that they are customers. Here are some interesting secrets about the mystery shopping profession and how it works that you might not have known.

Mystery Shopping is Harder than it Looks

Many people think that mystery shopping is a dream job, because it involves going to restaurants, cinemas, spas and theme parks, buying nice things and having fun experiences. A mystery shopper could be spending a weekend at a nice hotel, or dining at a high end restaurant. The truth is that these experiences are fun, but they do involve a lot of work.

The mystery shopper cannot just relax and enjoy themselves, they must always be paying attention to what is going on and making mental notes about their experience. They must remember details, keep looking out for certain things and keep track of everything that has happened so that they can write up a report about it later. After the shopping experience they will sit down and write a detailed report of everything from the quality of the product to the interactions with the staff. The mystery shopper needs to be able to keep all of these details in their head throughout the experience, as they are unable to openly write anything down.

Many Mystery Shoppers are Actors

It is common for actors who are in between jobs to take on mystery shopping roles in the field marketing services industry. After all, they have a lot of the skills that make them well suited to the job. They are used to taking on a completely different identity and they are very good at staying in character. They can remember a complex backstory and they can play a role convincingly. Also, they are able to improvise if they have to come up with an answer on the spot to a question that they weren’t expecting. It’s good practice for actors that will keep them on their toes when they are not working on a play, movie or television show.

There’s a Lot of Travelling Involved

The same mystery shopper cannot cover the same area all the time, or they will get recognised and the retail staff will start to figure out who they are. Therefore, many mystery shoppers will be sent to different cities so that they can visit a diverse range of shops.

It’s Not Just for Retail Shops

When most people picture mystery shoppers they imagine them visiting retail shops, hotels or restaurants. However, the truth is that mystery shoppers can be used for an entire range of industries, from motorway toll roads to spas to car-repair garages to estate agents to funeral directors. Mystery shoppers can visit just about any different type of business and pretend to be a customer, so that they can observe valuable information for the business owner.

Mystery Shoppers Look at More than Customer Service

One of the main reasons why mystery shoppers visit businesses is so that they can check on the level of service that is being provided. However, that is not the only reason and mystery shoppers can be used to assess many other aspects of the business as well. Mystery shoppers also allow you to check on security, see if standards of performance and cleanliness are being adhered to and making sure that your company is compliant with the relevant laws.

These are just a few of the secrets about mystery shoppers that you might not have known. This profession may seem a little strange, but it’s a very effective way for a business to gain information about its performance and improve the way it serves its customers. If you are a business owner, why not consider hiring mystery shoppers to visit your store and create a detailed and helpful report for you?

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