The Joys of Business Travel

The Joys of Business Travel

With my new job arrives business travel. It was one of the potential downsides and perks I looked at before taking a job. However, the free trips on the other hand to various places of fun sounds really sweet. As per people saying that all business travels are not that awesome. So, here is my say after couple of business trips I have been to.


I would say that both camps are fine. I haven’t had much of choice to do anything drastic but to eat and work while on my trips. I hardly get time to sleep between early morning meetings and late night dinners. There is always long travel days and a lot of work which needs to be done beating the stringent timelines. So far, to visit a new wander city is all in my fantasies. But still I am not the person who is only complaining. Having dinner with good, exciting and different types of people at a fancy restaurant is a nice experience. It is not because I am not out taking those steamy tourist pictures in front of the Casa Rosada certainly does not mean that I am not giving up my feeling of being in Buenos Aires. Having lovely and tasty dinner with a glass of wine is really enjoyable.

Now, the hotels. I have spoken with many people around here who have got lucky and stayed in some total dumps billed hotels which call themselves as 5-star where you get only hot water as a premium facility. I have been really lucky so far to get decent options and moreover, my company is understandable enough to allow me to choose and compare the prices and find inexpensive hotels. They have never made me a frequent guest of the nearest hotel Ritz-Carlton.

I would say that I am still a business travel rookie and I admit that if I get a control over my schedule, I might be able to get some time and check those sightseeing which I often miss in afternoons. I still see from my office window the tourist enjoying outside and having a fun time. When I will be one of them, I think.

Taking this into consideration, I pack my bags and here I am to travel back to my country for a relief. During my flight, I think when will be my next business trip and I will be there for another city finding cheap hotels settle down. Also, meeting new people and introducing myself to new culture altogether. Having dinner and drinks at business meetings to crack a deal. Well, I am over and done. Now, people it’s up to you to decide whether the business trips are really enjoyable or not.

However, I would suggest people who are looking to travel to US from any part of world needs to go for ESTA Visas. It is visa which is required for international travellers who are seeking to travel United States. ESTA Visas cover the Visa Waiver Program and are now subject to security requirements which are enhanced. There is a certain procedure which all the travellers need to follow for Visa Waiver Program.

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