The Charles Phillips Success Story

The Charles Phillips Success Story

Charles Philips is CEO of one of the largest enterprise software application companies in the World, Infor. A company that has steadily rose to the top of its industry and now competes with the largest in the game, SAP and Oracle. The recent rise in Infors reputation is down to the acquisition in 2010 of the then Director of rival Oracle, Charles Phillips. A man who is considered by the industry to be the best in his field, who’s aggressive and forward-thinking approach, coupled with a tech savvy brain and negotiation skills have helped Infor to reach new heights. Here we take a quick look at the career of Charles Phillips and how he has become one of the most important men in world of technology.

Early Life

Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Charles, from a young age would spend his time learning about, building and re-building computers and other technological devices after having his interest peaked. After finishing school Charles joined the U.S. Air Force to follow in the footsteps of his father. Charles studied and earned a BS in computer science during his time in the Air Force but unfortunately had to leave after his eye-sight was deemed to be below the standard required. After leaving the Air Force Phillips joined the US Marines were he rose to the rank of Captain working on computer systems. Charles left the Marines in 1986 to begin his professional career.


After working with 3 small software companies, two of which he became Senior Vice-President, Charles joined up with financial services company Morgan Stanley in 1994 as enterprise-software industry analyst. It would be with Morgan Stanley that Charles launched his assault on the tech world, making valuable contacts within Wall Street’s elite and displaying an approach to the industry that would lead him to become ranked number 1 in his field for 9 straight years by Institutional Investor. Eventually reaching the role of managing director, Phillips left Morgan Stanley in 2003 to become Co-President of software technology company Oracle where he would later be promoted to Director.

During Charles Phillips previous role at Oracle, Phillips led the sales and acquisitions team which is where his industry knowledge, his contacts and his tough negotiation style would see Oracle make over 70 acquisitions during his tenure as well as seeing the company grow by over 300%. The tech world was beginning to take note of the man that they deemed ‘Oracle’s secret weapon.’

In 2010 , Phillips left Oracle to work for enterprise applications company Infor where he would take up the role of CEO. Infor soon began to challenge the industry heavyweights such as SAP and Phillips’ previous company Oracle. The Charles Phillips effect was starting to show and within just a few months he was negotiating multi-billion dollar acquisitions. The company switched its stance to stay competitive and began acquiring smaller and more niche companies, a master stroke by Phillips that would help Infor’s continuous rise. In 2014 Charles Phillips gave a keynote speech at Amazon to launch the company’s new Cloudsuite, a creative approach for business users of Infor’s software and yet more proof of why Charles Phillips has the reputation in the industry that he has earned over the years.

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