The Best Tips To Hire the Right People For Your Help Desk

The Best Tips To Hire the Right People For Your Help Desk

When your company requires a help desk, it is an essential aspect of customer service, and the perception customers have about your organization. Despite the importance of a help desk, many business leaders don’t take the necessary time and steps to hire the right people to man this part of their company.

When you’re filling IT customer support positions there need to be quite a few elements that are heavily considered, including not only technical skills but also people skills and communication.

It’s also important business leaders recognize which skills their help desk employees need to have at the time they’re hired, as well as those skills they can be trained on.

Below are easy tips to follow when you hire new staff for your IT help desk.

Cultural Fit

Before you start delving into technical skills and past job experience, it is necessary to think about cultural fit. You want help desk employees that are a good fit for your company in terms of chemistry. Often, companies will have problems with their help desk when they hire based on only on a technical fit, rather than looking at a combination of technical and cultural cohesiveness.

What’s important to realize when hiring professionals to fill customer service-centric roles is that hard skills and technical expertise can often be taught, but it’s much harder to train soft skills which are so crucial in this area of hiring.

Have Current Staff Help With Hiring

When you’re hiring for any position, including IT help desk roles, if you’re a manager or business leader who doesn’t work in these areas in a hands-on way every day, it may be difficult for you to create an accurate job description that actually reflects the day-to-day duties the new hire will be facing.

It can be good to work with current help desk employees to have them create lists of what they do in a day and the primary challenges they face. This can make for a much more accurate job description, which will reduce the time it takes to recruit qualified prospective employees.

Include Problem-Solving In the Interview

Job candidates may say they have certain technical skills and competencies which could be helpful for an IT help desk position, such as an ITIL certification, but the real question is whether or not they can apply these skills to a real-world situation.

Rather than having the interview consist of sitting down and talking through the candidate’s certifications and skills, make it about problem-solving. Pose a real issue help desk employees have faced in your business, and ask the candidate how they would work to address it, based on their technical skills, certifications, and experiences.

Don’t underestimate the significance of your help desk or the people you hire to staff it. Strengthen your hiring, and ultimately the perception clients have of your business by taking the time to create accurate job descriptions, assess a candidate for cultural fit, and evaluate their problem-solving skills.

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