The best law schools in America in 2016

The best law schools in America in 2016

Looking to not only get a law degree, but from a school that will set you apart from the competition? In this post, we will discuss five of the best law schools in America, so if you wish to achieve great success like JD Dukes has, read carefully and take notes as you work your way through the article below…

1) Duke

Duke’s core strength lies in offering the types of law that will experience growth in the future. Specifically, two of these are environmental and international law, which will see an increased amount of plaintiffs due to societal trends.

The ongoing shift in our climate due to man-made global warming is increasing the opportunities for lawsuits due to the effects of stronger storms, aggressive flooding and prolonged droughts, and the globalization of our world has created a demand for legal experts that can help laypeople untangle the web of foreign laws abroad.

2) U Penn

If you are looking for a school oozing with prestige, you can do no better in 2016 than to get a diploma from U Penn. Ranked as the #1 institution in the USA for aspiring lawyers by many respected publications, there is a great deal of hard data behind these conclusions.

The most important of these: the ability of recent graduates to find a job. 75% end up with a federal clerkship or at a big law firm, while 90% end up in a position that requires them to pass their bar examination.

With former Supreme Court justice Owen Roberts being one of its best known alumni, many that go to school here have lofty dreams they are chasing. With a degree from U Penn, you’ll be in good shape when it comes to pursuing yours.

3) Harvard

Those looking for a high degree of acceptance into high-paying jobs straight out of school would do well to consider Harvard. With a law degree from this Boston-area institution, nearly 70% of those graduating achieved their first choice of employer when looking for a job after graduation.

You’ll have to work hard to even get in the door though, as the median LSAT of law students here is a lofty 173. The intense study sessions for this widowmaker test will be well worth it, as you’ll get to study in the same halls where former Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia and current POTUS Barack Obama once did.

4) Stanford

Stanford is your best choice on the west coast, as this San Francisco area law school gives its students some of the best odds of obtaining a great job after graduation.

About 73% land well-paying jobs at leading law firms, with 26% getting federal clerkships. They are pinning their hopes on this however, as the sky-high cost of living in the Bay Area costs them more than $30,000 per year, and that doesn’t even include the top-shelf tuition rates ($56,274).

5) NYU

With almost 200 years of history, the law school at NYU has built a reputation of being one of the finest law schools on the east coast, if not in the entire country.

Attendees have ample opportunities to burnish their resume apart from their academic achievements, as there are ten publications run by students.

Those looking to specialize in tax law should take a long look at NYU’s law school, as it has had a long history of producing quality lawyers in this niche of the legal profession.

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