The benefits of spreading the net when it comes to procurement

The benefits of spreading the net when it comes to procurement

The internet has given us access to the world in ways that could never have been imagined, even as little as 20 years ago. Who would have guessed, when the first word processors were being built that one day, we would be browsing the internet on our tiny handheld devices or liking the Instagram photos of people we have never met, but aspire to be, even knowing that the photos are more than likely set up, rather than real.


On top of this, the internet has also given businesses of all shapes and sizes access to the global marketplace on a scale that was impossible in the pre-computing era. Previously it was only the large multi-national conglomerates who had access to the markets outside of their home countries, but with the rise of the internet, and many of the online based services that now call the internet their home, more and more of our daily business crosses international borders.


Accessing International Markets


It has never been easier to access the global marketplace as it is in today’s environment. It doesn’t mean, however, that all of the challenges of international trading have gone away. There’s the language barrier, the time difference and, of course, compliance issues.


Luckily, there are solutions available online which can assist you with this, from sourcing your new supplier or product, to contract management, relationship management and compliance and due diligence.


EAuction – the new tender process


With the success of eBay, and the online auction format, many of the esourcing solutions have also adopted auctions as a way of generating interest in your supply needs. Scanmarket is no different. With the Scanmarket eAuction facility, you can not only create a bidding war for your custom, but with different auction methods, including reverse, Japanese and Dutch, to name just a few, you can be assured you will find the right solution for your business needs.


Ensuring compliance


With the ever changing digital and physical world, and the changes that are bought about by governments of nation states, such as Brexit in the UK and the tariffs imposed by Donald Trump in the United States, for example, it has never been more imperative to ensure that all of your business, from supply chain, to manufacture, services and sales is compliant with the laws of the relevant countries you are trading in. Many of the online platforms not only allow you to compete in the international arena but will help you to ensure that your compliance and due diligence is correct and assured.

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