The benefits of investing in SEO

The benefits of investing in SEO

Search engine optimisation or SEO for short, now plays a key role in where your website ranks in search engine results pages. With the majority of businesses now becoming more prominent online, each industry is become increasingly competitive, making it harder for new businesses to become visible online. With shopping, social media and a host of other tasks being completed on the likes of Google and Bing, SME’s and large brands are now turning to search marketing agencies to help increase visibility and rank as high as possible on SERP’s.

SEO can provide many benefits to your website but there are a few key factors which stand out. As well as SEO, the search marketing industry as a whole, is very detailed, so if you’re considering investing in the service, it’s best to complete your research and speak to an agency if necessary. To delve a little deeper into some of the benefits of SEO, we thought we’d create this post and cover a few key areas. For more information about the service, there are a number of detailed resources like this advanced guide to SEO and other helpful tools.

Increase brand visibility

SEO can help increase brand visibility in many ways. One example is through the search terms the users input into search engines. Through the use of correct keywords and processes, your site will start to appear on SERP’s and hopefully on page one. Whoever is inputting that search term is relevant to your brand and will see your company name. Even if they don’t visit your site or buy a product, the chances are they’ve seen your name and will remember it for future reference.

Drive relevant traffic to your site

Using methods like link building and keyword optimization, SEO can help drive relevant traffic to your site. Similar to increasing brand visibility, if you’re appearing in a relevant users search engine, the chances are them going to visit your site, especially if you within the top few results. It’s great to have a large amount of traffic flowing to your site but not if the users aren’t relevant. Using these methods means your chances of people visiting your site increases, as well as the possibility of the user buying a product.

Collect valuable data

An advantage of using SEO is that you can use tools like Google Analytics to gather valuable data about your sites visitors. Detailed information regarding what people are searching for shopping habits are just two of the areas Google Analytics covers. By tracking this data you can see if your process is working or if not, you can then investigate what needs to be corrected.

SEO is just one service within the search marketing industry that can help improve your sites visibility. If done correctly, SEO can significantly help towards your online targets, as well as working alongside other services, such as PPC, CRO and content marketing.


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