The Benefit of Virtual Training platforms

The Benefit of Virtual Training platforms

In this new technological age, many companies who have liked to do in house training are beginning to as why are virtual training platforms so great for your employees? And why do they achieve such prodigious results. Well the answer lies within the way that people learn, and also the options offered by such platforms. The key features are that the learning can be tailored specifically to each individual and, by using a tablet or laptop, can be done anytime anywhere, as is your preference.


How people learn is a concept that has been pondered and analysed in depth over the last century. It is now firmly recognised that people do learn differently. Some learn through visual representation, some will need to logically work the process through, others just need to be told and or take notes and some will need to have a go at it to see if they can work it out themselves. People can learn in several different ways, some having a dominant learning style, as in a way that is the most effective for them but other people being able to learn almost equally well in two or three different ways, some more appropriate in different situations

If you are taught in your preferred style then this will obviously affect how successful your learning is, also the way that others choose to teach you beginning at school and continuing through the world of work will affect not only how well you learn but also how you find the whole experience of learning.

Studies have shown that different parts of the brain are used by different learning styles. By involving more of the brain at once we have more chance of remembering what we have learnt. Scientists have mapped the parts of the brain that become illuminated, light up, using brain imaging technology and they can now see which part of the brain is used, and is thus enhanced, by the various learning styles.

Take for example, that your employer tells you that they need to update you on some new legislation and there will be a little test at the end. If your experience of learning has been horrific, you may go into an immediate panic and believe that you will not succeed. However, if your employer tells you that this training will be on an online platform, that you will do a little quiz first to determine the best way for you to learn the new information and that this training will be specifically set up to your way of learning. He then goes onto say that you can do it at the best time for you, a time when you learn best as your brain is the most alert or when it is most convenient, you could even do it on the train on your way to or from work and also when you do not have any other distractions, then you may feel that your employer is really doing all they can to help you and you may almost feel like giving it a go.



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