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The Full Story Behind the Co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners

People often look towards senior executives in large companies for inspiration. One company they often look towards is Sun Capital Partners, and particularly its co-CEO Mark J Leder. He offers a true story of inspiration, giving people the hope that they, too, can make it to the top if they want to. So who is Mark Leder, and what makes him so special? A Short Background Leder, born in 1962, is a native of Long Island, NY. He earned his BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Read more [...]

What has made Sun Capital so successful?

Born in the challenging entrepreneurial environment that existed after the global financial crisis of 2008, it is remarkable that Sun Capital has enjoyed the success that it has. When you get to know its founder Marc Leder however, it becomes abundantly clear that it was this man's drive that got this business through its lean startup years. If you are looking to launch a company of your own, you would do well to learn from this tough and gritty entrepreneur's experiences. Here are just a few of Read more [...]