Start-up Offices: Glazing Over the Big Prices with Window Blinds

Start-up Offices: Glazing Over the Big Prices with Window Blinds

In some regards, one could describe the window treatments industry as something like a rollercoaster. Initially, blinds were cheap and cheerful, but now manufacturers have caught onto some advanced designs which mean that some window treatments are just plain expensive (albeit, hugely effective).

For the start-up, this can be quite daunting. After all, the last thing any budding managing director wants to do is invest the bulk of his budget in the latest and greatest blinds. Even though they can solve countless problems in the office, and improve employee productivity, the numbers just don’t add up for a new business.

Fortunately, the days of cheap and cheerful are not yet over. Companies might be keen for their high-end products to be pushed to the front of the shelves, but let’s not forget that several of the traditional types of blinds are still available.

For example, if a start-up wants to experience the truly traditional benefits of a blind, something like a vertical set is always going to solve problems. These are commonly found in office blocks and it’s for good reason – they are exceptionally cheap, low maintenance and most importantly filter out the sun. It means that during the peak hours of the day, where screen glare on the monitors is a problem, it’s possible to simply filter out the light and get back to work. Admittedly, they’re not quite as flexible as solar shades, but they still allow some natural light to drift into the room and prevent that dreaded glare problem.

Then, there are those offices which just don’t have any temperature control whatsoever. Unfortunately, the best course of action in these regards is a modern solution like an insulated or solar shade – but that’s not to say more traditional offerings can’t come to some sort of rescue either. The obvious example is the blackout blind and while this might be quite flat in terms of thickness, it still manages to prevent any of the sun’s powerful rays from penetrating through into the room. Particularly if the office tends to heat up, or lose heat, during the weekend, this can be invaluable when employees arrive on a Monday morning.

Of course, sometimes it’s not about practicality, but aesthetics. Some offices aren’t just designed for employees, they are there to be used by clients as well. It’s in these instances that a set of vertical blinds just isn’t going to cut it – something better on the eye is needed. Fortunately, through the emergence of faux wood, this is now possible. Most start-ups wouldn’t even look at the price of natural wood blinds – the cost just throws any budget out of the water. With faux wood appearing almost identical, it means that a new business can make a lasting impression to a client with one of the cheapest blinds types on the market.

Already it’s becoming clear to see that offices no longer have to be put together on huge budgets, especially in relation to window treatments. While some of the modern advancements have transformed the industry, don’t for one minute think that start-ups will have nowhere to turn to.


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