Stand out from the Competition with an Engaging Stand

Stand out from the Competition with an Engaging Stand

Standing out from your competition at an event where there are thousands of people and hundreds of other stands is a daunting prospect but there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your stall is a success. One of the most important things to do is recognise the importance of not only being able to get people’s attention in the first place but to also to keep them there after you have hooked them in. This means that a successful stand needs to entice your audience in and entertain them to retain their attention whilst you convey your message.

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Top Quality Stands

While there are a few things that you will need to do to achieve these two objectives, one of the most important comes down to which stand you choose to use. You will need to find a stand that has been well-designed and constructed, that offers good value for money. Good quality Marler Haley exhibition stands are an example of the type of stands you should be looking at, as having a good quality display will help you to immediately stand out from your competition.

After all, who wants to learn more about a business when their stand is dull and boring?

Big or Small?

Big stands can be a good way to attract immediate attention to your stand, but it is still important to make sure you use a good mixture of printed marketing materials and educated staff to retain people’s interest once inside. Remember that small can be just as effective when it comes to erecting a successful exhibition stand, so if you want to keep the cost down and use a small stand, then it is important to be creative with your design.

Attention to Detail

Once you have chosen a display that suits you, you will need to consider using the following to help to get attention to your stand:

By offering your audience things that they can’t get elsewhere such as branded freebies and competitions they will immediately find your stand interesting.

Electronic presentations can work well to get people to notice your stand and you will need to ensure that you have enough staff on hand to man your stand, as the last thing you want is for people to stop to ask questions that can’t be answered. A good way to help to avoid a problem like this is to ensure there are lots of printed materials to hand that people can peruse while they wait and always try your stand out before the event to see how well it functions in practice.

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