Software Solutions Managers Use to Drastically Improve IT Productivity

Software Solutions Managers Use to Drastically Improve IT Productivity

IT companies have set the standards for adopting new technologies for business purposes. This particular industry has always been keen on using new technology solutions to improve their business efforts. Technology drives businesses forward and in today’s business landscape productivity is one of the most important topics that is constantly discussed.

The reasons for this are that almost all business markets are saturated, including the IT industry. This means that there is a lot of competition and in order to come on top, companies need to, amongst other things, work on being as productive as possible. This means having the greatest output with their current resources.

This is why IT companies are adopting valuable software solutions that can help them be more productive. Today we will talk about the most effective software solutions for this purpose and how they are used.

Project management tools


Managers simply love project management tools because they are designed for them specifically. These tools make their jobs easier but, at the same time, they allow managers to be better at their work and thus improve the overall productivity of their teams. With these software solutions, managers can create project plans and execute them to perfection.

These tools come with many useful features such as reporting functionalities, making projections, communication, collaboration, sharing, commenting, task assignments, push notifications, and so on. Managers can track project progress, add or remove resources, choose the right employees for the job, and track individual performance. All of this through a single platform where all the important information will be displayed to them.

What’s even better is the fact that there are specialized project management tools for certain project management methods. In the IT industry, the most commonly used project management methodology is agile and there are many tools designed for this method.

CRM software


Customer relationship management solutions are not only about serving customer needs and giving them the best possible experience. They can also increase the productivity of sales and marketing teams overall. The first important thing about CRM software solutions is that they allow a business to capture important customer data while also entering marketing and sales output data.

This is how both teams can have all the information they need and work on establishing goals and new business moves without having to discuss what happened on whose end. Having everyone on the same platform updating client records and adding reports through every stage in the sales cycle helps managers match the performance to the expectations.

Most CRM solutions also have features that allow you to gather customer feedback and understand trends, which helps you bypass manual entry and all of the research required to understand how your marketing incentives are performing. A lot of CRM solutions also have automation features which can reduce the number of mundane tasks that need to be done manually.

Automation software solutions


With the improvements in software development, machine learning and artificial intelligence automation have made a big breakthrough into business. Automation is no longer reserved for big manufacturers that have a lot of money, as intelligent automation solutions have become available even to small startups.

Today, a business can even order custom automation software specifically tailored to their needs to get the absolute maximum increase in productivity. Automation software solutions free up a lot of time for employees and allow them to focus their attention on more important tasks. Many technical tasks can be reliably executed with automation software and in a timely fashion so that nothing gets overlooked.

Given the fact that these are smart solutions, all the human error risks are removed and employees won’t have to memorize important tasks. Furthermore, intelligent automation software can send notifications to employees when their attention is needed. All of this leads to simply getting more done.

Knowledge base systems


Knowledge base systems are large databases which can boost productivity in two ways, given the fact that they can be implemented in two ways – internally and externally. When implemented externally, they become self-service portals that can be accessed by customers to find the valuable information they need.

A knowledge base can include articles about products, services, discounts, special offers, manuals, FAQs and so on. This is how a business can reduce the pressure on its customer support and be more effective at answering their consumers. When used internally, they can serve as information HUBs, where all employees can add valuable information and collaborate, share content, comment, and make changes.

This is how employees can learn more about their work and get valuable information by searching it quickly. On top of that, they can passively get training and become more productive at their work.


These are the four types of software solutions that businesses should implement if they want to increase productivity. The important thing is to determine your needs and learn what kind of solution would best fit into your type of organization.


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