Smart Numbers – Why choosing the right business landline number is so important

Smart Numbers – Why choosing the right business landline number is so important

Your business phone number is likely to be the number one way that your customers get in touch with you, so it’s important to your bottom line that you choose the right one.

Many small businesses start out using a mobile number for their business for simplicity and convenience, not realising that this can be off-putting for customers and could have a negative impact on their sales.

Mobile business landline numbers will divert calls to your mobile, home or office, making sure that you never miss an opportunity again.

One advantage of getting a new mobile business landline is that you get to choose your own telephone number.  Here are four reasons why making sure you choose the right number is so important.


Make it memorable

When you opt to get a mobile landline number for your business you have the option to choose a number that will be easy for your customers to remember.  A more memorable number has the potential to win you more business, especially if customers are trying to take note of it in a rush.


More professional

Studies show that customers are more likely to trust a company with a landline number than a mobile phone number as businesses with mobile numbers are perceived as being less professional.  This could be because many small businesses use mobile numbers when they first start out and don’t have the budget to get a more professional number.

Whilst the truth may be that you’re a one-man band answering calls on your mobile whilst you’re out on the job, a mobile landline number can make your business appear bigger and more established than it really is.

A professional telephone number could mean the difference between someone choosing your business over a competitor’s.


Indicate your location

Choosing a mobile landline number with the area code for the location where your business operates communicates a clear message to customers when promoting your business. Studies have also shown that people are more likely to trust local businesses.

A mobile landline number is also useful if you are doing business in one location but operating from another.  In this instance, you can use a local area code to make your business more appealing to local people despite not physically operating from that area.

Calling a local landline number is also cheaper for customers than calling a mobile number and so encourages them to pick up the phone.


Better for business promotion

With the telephone likely to be the number one way for customers to contact you, you’ll want to plaster your business number across all your marketing and promotional material.  A carefully selected, memorable and attractive business landline number will stand out far better and help you to achieve better results from your efforts.


To find out more about how a mobile landline number could benefit your business and how to get one, give us a call here at Smart Numbers on 08450 178 179 or 03450 178 179 (0345 numbers are included free in your contract).

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