Sending The Right Business Message With e cards

Sending The Right Business Message With e cards

E cards are becoming more popular, particularly with businesses. This article discusses how you can use them to improve your business relationships.

most reasonable business holiday e cards
most reasonable business holiday e cards

Planning Ahead

It is important to have a long term plan in every aspect of your business, in particular you should consider how to keep in touch with your clients. Regular emails or phone calls can be too intrusive or annoying to clients. Sending cards to mark holidays or special occasions is a traditional way of keeping in touch with customers and business contacts, however, the financial cost, as well as the environmental costs, mean e cards are becoming more popular.

Once you have decided on the style of your e card you should keep it consistent. This will allow you to develop more brand awareness. Most reasonable business holiday e cards allow you to upload your own designs such as a photo or company logo. The e card company may also be able to create something on your behalf to represent your company. Many e card companies allow you to upload signatures for inclusion in the card, giving it a personal touch.

Going Green And Saving Costs

With the cost of postage rising along with the environmental cost of cards, most reasonable business holiday e cards are now being seen as an eco friendly way of sending greetings to friends and contacts. By sending e cards, your business will be seen as acting responsibly, saving paper and trees and caring about the environment while reducing your carbon footprint.

Many e card companies plant trees on your behalf when you order e cards and you can usually increase the amount of trees planted. You can also use these cards to support charities by making donations when you purchase them. This not only shows your company in a positive light but will also advertise your favourite charity to others.

When To Send e cards

They can be customised to suit any occasion. Whether it is for a festive holiday, a birthday or company anniversary there are plenty of great designs you can choose from. Sending e cards to mark special occasions will allow you to touch base with your customers and help to establish a relationship with them as well as creating a greater awareness of your brand.


Sending skilled organization getaway at the credit cards in electronic format is usually good for that environmentally friendly photograph of this organization. Using lots of ones buyer obtaining worries concerning the surroundings, giving a at the credit card generally is a really beneficial to our environment method to send some sort of greetings, without having trying to recycle regarding credit cards essential.

Everyone likes to be appreciated and you can use e cards to say a simple ‘Thank you’ to a client for using your services as well as for services you have used. This can help you to develop a friendly relationship with them as well as strengthen your business connections. This in turn will generate business leads and more growth for your company.

You should, however, make sure you don’t send e cards too often as this will become annoying for the recipient, your cards will be left unopened and your message will be lost. Keep track of who you send cards to and those that you receive, this way you will be able to see if your method of communicating with clients is working and if it helps you to gain repeat business.


This article about the most reasonable business holiday e cards was written by Mary Yohanan. She is a freelance writer and social media specialist who writes for a range of websites and blogs. She Used to read novel in her spare time.

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