Security Risks working from home

Security Risks working from home

Working from home is an ideal situation that provides freedom and flexibility for many people. Whether it’s freelancers, software developers, online consultants or one of the many other thousands of job titles available, one thing is certain; today’s technology has made it possible to connect to the workplace from virtually anywhere that one chooses to call home.

While having a home based office has some incredible advantages, it also requires more vigilance and forethought in regards to security issues that may arise when working without the kind of safety net that only solid antivirus software can provide.



When working for a business in a fixed location there are generally all kinds of security info system backups available. There may even be a dedicated IT/Security expert upon whom the responsibility of keeping an entire workplace digitally safe and secure rests.

The location independent worker has no such luxury and therefore must ensure certain processes and security measures are always in place. Loss of critical data or intrusion into business operations and confidential files can be catastrophic, not just in the short term but in relation to customer confidence and trust. Sloppy practices can ruin any businesses good standing literally overnight.


The first line of defence for every home office should be the installation of antivirus software that has a solid reputation and can easily handle a diverse range of requirements and real-world situations. The more ones work is based solely online, the greater the need is to protect, defend and secure sensitive information. Panda Security has launched Panda Small Business Protection, a Tailor-made antivirus protection for small businesses and freelancers. The team behind it has designed a raft of cutting edge antivirus solutions that fit perfectly with the needs of freelancers and telecommuters alike.


Even having ones computer exposed in the home where others may access it considered too high a risk for many businesses. Homes can be broken into by opportunistic criminals and if ones computer has not been protected with strong passwords and encryption, further entry can be gained via cloud access or open network connections.

Chances are though that the criminals won’t come creeping through a window but it’s more likely they will try to infect your computer from a distance and gain entry to your data by stealth. Rather than attacking with brute force, the savvy cybercriminal will plant malicious programs and sit back as they slowly gather information that can lead to an even bigger heist than simply stealing a computer provides.


Rather than sitting back and hoping for the best, every person who works remotely and accesses networked technology from the home or on the road needs to take the threat of viruses and hacking attacks seriously enough to be proactive about it. There are many excellent software tools available to keep ones digital activities far away from the prying eyes of those who have no business interfering and intruding where they are not welcome.

When ones livelihood is intertwined with keeping sensitive data safe and secure the motivation to find workable solutions should be paramount.

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