Review: Dealforce, a business for sale app by the Generational Group

Review: Dealforce, a business for sale app by the Generational Group

Over the past half-decade or so, smartphones and the apps that have come with them have transformed the face of our society.

More than just games, they have taken the place of cameras, paper maps, and many other things that we used to take for granted in the analog world.

This wave of mobile disruption has even made its way into the business world, as a new app called Dealforce has the potential to change the way that merger and acquisition of businesses are done in the 21st century.

Below, we will explain how this interesting smartphone app works.

What is Dealforce?

Created by the minds behind Generational Equity, a firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions, this app is one of the first that gives mobile users a platform to view some of the best businesses for sale on the market today.

Hand-picked by the experts at this firm, buyers that are perusing this app will be impressed by the quality that they find, as each of them have been evaluated for sale readiness by Generational Equity, and they are only listed when they ready to be marketed to a buyer.

With representation from almost every industry sector in the country, chances are good that purchasers from every niche will find something on Dealforce that interests them.

Be informed when favorable opportunities present themselves

By downloading the Dealforce app, you can position yourself to learn about deals that make the most sense to you as soon as they hit the market.

Fill in a full investor profile with Dealforce, and whenever a deal comes up that fits your criteria, you will be contacted, allowing you to strike while the iron is hot.

Have a Dealforce team member assist you with your purchase

Finding a business for sale is one thing. Closing the deal successfully is an entirely different matter.

With the assistance of Dealforce team members around the country, you will have professional business consultants that can guide you through the process, from initial contact to signing the final papers.

What’s more, there are Dealforce consultants that specialize in certain industries, meaning that they will be able to help with problems that are specific to your niche.

How do you set your price for a business through Dealforce?

When you work through Dealforce, the process of setting a price will likely be different from what you have experienced in other deals you have done before.

This app uses an auction-style bidding model; name your price, and it is on your competition to outdo your bid.

While it is ultimately up to the seller to approve the deal on their end, it is a much more convenient model than anything that has been seen in the business investment world to date.


The Dealforce app has the potential to fundamentally change how sellers and buyers do business with each other.

By allowing potential buyers to quickly sort for potential acquisitions by filtering by keyword, EBITDA, revenue and other markers, this app also helps sellers quickly find the perfect match for them.

Face to face interactions are reduced, as NDA’s can be signed electronically through this app. This innovation alone has the potential to save companies on both ends tons of money on expensive travel that will no longer be needed.

Finally, with sharing capabilities, colleagues can share opportunities that they learn about with contacts that are looking for a specific type of deal.

We like this app, but only time will tell how much it will change the face of the mergers and acquisitions industry.

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