Quinn Emanuel VIP: Jon Bunge

Quinn Emanuel VIP: Jon Bunge

Currently a partner at Quinn Emanuel, Jon Bunge serves as a professional with years of experience, including years spent at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Supreme Court of the Unites States. He also holds a degree from the University of Chicago’s Law School division. But is there more to Jon Bunge? What are his other accomplishments within his field? Let’s take a look into the professional career of Jon Bunge, below.

Professional experience in the office

Currently serving as the managing partner of the Chicago office of Quinn Emanuel, Jon Bunge proves his trial and other litigation experience on a daily basis. Because of his experience, a total of 45 years, he has acquired the skills necessary to close cases in a timely and efficient manner. Regarding the cases that he has been a part of, most of them he served as the first chair litigator. Some of these cases have also lasted quite a long time, some of them lasting weeks or even months.

As the subject matter in these cases has varied a lot, with cases ranging from contract disputes, litigation under the Uniform Commercial Code and fraud, Jon Bunge has shown his ability to handle several different types of procedures and has used different angles to win and close each one. In addition to these cases, Jon Bunge has also handled many different appeals and appellate arguments. Included are about twenty different appellate arguments that were brought before the federal appellate bench. Because of his experience and ease, he has won most of cases.

He has also spent time working with both small and large businesses, environmental matters, white collar criminal matter and financial disputes. Some of his most noted cases involve McDonald’s 3M and IBM.

Experience working with the Attorney’s Office and beyond

Before he began his career at Quinn Emanuel, Mr. Bunge spent years working as the Deputy Chief of the General Crimes Division of Chicago’s Untied States Attorney’s Office. During this time working at the United States Attorney’s Office, he amped up his experience with various high profile cases, thus thickening his resume.

A complete list of his experience includes working as a Law Clerk to the Hon. James Bucky, working as a Law Clerk to Justice Byron White, working as the Deputy Chief in the General Crimes Section as the Assistant U.S. Attorney, working as a Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and now currently working as a Partner for Quinn Emanuel.

Educational experience

Jon Bunge graduated from Princeton University in the year 1984 before completing his J.D. from the University of Chicago in 1988.

Noted as a Fellow of the American Collage of Trail Lawyers, Jon Bunge has proven himself within the field. He has also been titled ‘one of Chicago’s top trial lawyers’ by The American Lawyer publication and is listed as an ‘Illinois Super Lawyer’ in his field of litigation since 2006. Currently and since 2008, he has also been titled one of the ‘Best Lawyers in America’.

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