Pick up the right diamond blade for your need

Pick up the right diamond blade for your need

Diamond blades are circular in shape used for sawing or cutting rough materials. They are mainly used in building construction, repairing and remodeling and cutting brick, stone, concrete, block and other materials. When cutting crispy and hard materials that include stone, concrete, masonry, ceramic and stucco, diamond blades are the most preferred choice. These blades can fit various tools that are used in building projects. Check out some factors how you may choose the right kind of diamond blade for your work.

  • Consider the price factor – One of the main factors that you need to consider is the cost of the blade when you are buying it or the price that you will have to pay for every cut made. If you are going to use it for small job or you may need it on occasional purpose, then choosing high price blade is a mart decision. This is because you will then have to pay low price for every cut that you make. On the other hand, if you want to purchase it for bigger jobs or you will be using it regularly, then it is better to purchase blade at a low cost.

  • Know the material you will cut – Another important factor is to know what kind of material you will cut before choosing and buying quality diamond blades. This will have an effect on the life of the diamond blade and its cutting speed. If you will cut hard materials like engineering brick, clay products, granite, concrete, then you should choose a blade that will enable you to cut them easily. If it is medium hard materials like concrete products and building materials, then select a blade that can help you in cutting them without difficulty. However, if it soft and abrasive like blocks, bricks and roof tiles, then pick up a  diamond blade that will allow you to cut these materials with ease.

  • Dry or wet cutting – If you are using electric grinder, then it is advisable not to use water due to power source. In case of floor saws, you may choose wet cutting because this will enable you to cut deeply while using water. However, if it is masonry saws and tiles, then you can use either dry or wet cutting. When they are used with water, then the blades will allow you to cut quickly and last for a long time. If you are choosing hand held saws, then the most popular option is dry blades, however they are quite often used in west condition since they enable to control dust.

Usually diamond blades are used for cutting a varied range of material. However, you should choose a blade that matches with the material you are going to cut. Certain things that have an effect on the performance of these blades are its size, quality, concentration, hardness, cutting power and how the blade is matched with the material you are going to cut. All these factors will enable you to select the right kind of blade and make cutting easier.

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