Developing and promoting your business USP – Is it all about being the best?

You can’t deny the fact that deciding your business USP (unique selling proposition) is perhaps the most vital decision that you can make about your business. In case you want your business to stand apart from the crowd, every step that you take will become easier as you will gain maximum visibility from your clients. Clients and customers will be easily accessible and your fans will spread the word about your business and tell people why they love you. In short, USP can often mean the difference Read more [...]

How to Raise Morale, and Why It Matters for Your Small Business

Despite their difference in size,  small and big business are often tasked with similar objectives and concerned with identical problems. Neither can afford to take their accounting casually, for example. And regulatory agencies demand compliance regardless of size. One of the other areas that know no size is morale. In fact, low morale might impact small companies even more than big ones. That is because it might take quite a long time for morale issues to hit a critical mass in a big company. Read more [...]

Six introduction & networking mistakes to avoid

Introducing yourself and others to key contacts is essential for building business relationships and networking effectively. It’s not something that you often think about, but if you pay attention it happens almost every day, and depending on where you work within a business, sometimes more often than that. However, there are pitfalls that many professionals can avoid when making introductions. So, to avoid the awkward social blunders, we present six introduction mistakes to avoid: Looking away Looking Read more [...]

How Outsourcing to an E-commerce Fulfilment Provider Can Really Benefit Your Business

Businesses rely on different tactics to increase sales and scale the company and make it grow. They can lower their prices, for instance, or offer promotions to lure in more customers. They can also try reducing their expenses to make more profit each month. But whilst these strategies may work to a certain extent, they don’t really contribute to business longevity and growth in the long run.   One key strategy that many knowledgeable business owners are now taking advantage of is outsourcing. Read more [...]

5 Things You Have to Invest in Your Company to Stay Ahead of The Curve

Every business is up against many competitors that are after the same potential customers, deals, and new employees. Not every competitor will play fair. As a company, you must do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the curve and not settle for average performance. Here are five things to invest time, money, or energy into to help move towards this goal. 1.      Getting the Finances Right When your company doesn’t have sufficient funding, then it doesn’t matter what the growth rate Read more [...]

Leverage the World Cup fever to make money – Ideas to monetize FIFA 2018

Are you someone who wishes to take advantage of the approaching World Cup 2018 to make money? The FIFA World Cup 2018 is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event that is all set to rock the country and its fans. Remember that the World Cup is not just about football but it is also about earning money and this is the reason behind so many global brands like Coca-Cola, Toyota and Electronic Arts monetizing such opportunities which are presented by the World Cup by becoming either their partners or official Read more [...]

Three Tips for Deciding What Your Next Business Will Be

There are many factors to consider when planning a new business venture. There are many kinds of businesses after all and just deciding without doing proper research is a waste of money. There are businesses that make products or provide services to consumers. There are also businesses that make supplies and materials or provide services to other businesses, such as B2B Telemarketing and other business-to-business services. It seems quite complicated, right? But complicated though it might seem, Read more [...]

How Do You Find Your Dream Business?

We are now living in a society that promotes a “find your bliss” mentality. Business is not just for adults and having fun is not just for the kids. There is fluidity between the two that can be questionable at times while being interesting as well. We no longer have to settle for jobs that pay the bills, but can now go into ventures that allow us to work closely with our passions So how does one find a dream job or business? People will tell you that it isn’t like going into a store picking Read more [...]

Features of HR Software used by Companies Today

Dealing with a company’s manpower is one of the most important aspects of business operations. Human resource management software has proven to be a valuable aid for HR professionals. With more diverse and sophisticated feature available, HR software has benefits that extend over the traditional functions of human resources. Vendors that offer HR software provide services to cater to the core functions such as compensation and benefits administration, payroll, and employee records management. Read more [...]

How to Break Into and Succeed in Dropshipping Business

Today, breaking into and succeeding in dropshipping business is faster, more convenient, and more cost-effective than you thought. You can leverage various automation tools for this purpose, starting with name creation, logo design, e-commerce platform, dropshipping management, product sourcing, to digital marketing. In this article, we'll discuss the 6 steps for breaking into and succeeding in dropshipping business and the favorite tools used by successful online retailers and e-commerce startups. Read more [...]