How Content Supports the Sales Process

An online sales presentation is a different beast from one given in person, and as such the methods of delivering the presentation have to be tailored to the online market. Quality online presentation tools such as those offered by Clearslide can be very helpful in this process, however content is key. Simple subtleties in the way a concept is worded can make a huge difference in the susceptibility of the audience to want to buy into the presented offerings. Below are a few key ways in which content Read more [...]

Infographic on Majiuanna in the workplace

With varying levels of marijuana use currently being legal in 23 states, businesses are facing the new issue of what they are and are not allowed to do when dealing with employees who engage in its use. While the employees are, indeed, protected by some laws, this does not mean the company has to have 100% tolerance in the area. One myth is that legalization of the drug means employees are allowed to engage in marijuana use on the job. This is not the case. While the laws are still getting hashed Read more [...]

Materialize your dream of running your own business – Lucrative business ideas for 2015

Are your dreams of starting your own business being frustrated by the notion that you have to come up with some brilliant new ideas? If answered yes, think again. The key to success is definitely to come up with a business idea that is relevant in the present market condition and a business that meets the needs and wants of the customers. You might have perhaps noticed that the majority of the most successful new businesses are entirely based on some interesting ideas, services and products with Read more [...]

Managing Labor Costs With Asset Tracking

It can be costly for construction and business owners to manage their fleets. This type of management requires a lot of time, and it is crucial to the success of the business’s operations. In order to reduce the costs involved with managing labor, many business owners are utilizing asset tracking technology. This is a powerful tool that can offer many benefits to today’s companies, and it is often overlooked. Labor Costs Generally, additional labor costs are a result of two primary reasons. Read more [...]

10 Reasons it Makes Sense to Hire an Accountant as a Freelancer or Contractor

Although many freelancers or small contractors decide to handle their finances themselves, there is a growing trend towards hiring an accountant to handle the monetary side of their business for them. There are a number of reasons for this which are highlighted below. Reason #1: Free Up Your Time One of the most common reasons for hiring an accountant to handle the financial side of operations is that it frees up the freelancer’s or contractor’s time. This allows them to concentrate on other Read more [...]

Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy Right For You?

Filing for Bankruptcy in California is a multi-tiered challenge. To complete this process successfully and with the least amount of stress, you need a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer specialist on your team. McFarlin Law’s goal is always to help clients reset their financial lives, regain their balance and begin the next stage of their financial lives on the best footing possible. Bankruptcy offers the opportunity to learn from your financial mistakes and recover. We work to make that process Read more [...]

Tax Deductions That Can Help You Save Money

When you file for your tax returns, it all depends upon your skills of filling the form. While most people fill the form efficiently, they most of the times forget to fill the medical, health and insurance premium details. Listed below are some of the deductions that need to be crossed checked after filing up the form. Insurance benefits pertaining to disabilityThe insurance premium is deductible. When it comes to disability insurance, it is always advisable to have the benefits tax-free considering Read more [...]

Australia’s Health Care System Still Unequal, In Spite of Reforms

The issue of private health insurance premium costs on the rise has given rise to countless debates across various agents in the field. On the one hand, the federal government as represented by former health minister Tanya Plibersek and current Prime Minister Kevin Rudd argues that Australia’s private coverage incentive packs are taking too high a toll on the federal budget. Instead of doling out benefits to the policyholders, the focus should be falling on restoring the budget deficit and bringing Read more [...]

Sending The Right Business Message With e cards

E cards are becoming more popular, particularly with businesses. This article discusses how you can use them to improve your business relationships. Planning Ahead It is important to have a long term plan in every aspect of your business, in particular you should consider how to keep in touch with your clients. Regular emails or phone calls can be too intrusive or annoying to clients. Sending cards to mark holidays or special occasions is a traditional way of keeping in touch with customers Read more [...]

Here’s Who Actually Invented the Internet in Australia

In June, Australia’s telecommunications minister announced the government was updating the country’s digital strategy. The new plan includes several ambitious projects, among which more focus on big data storage solutions, updated legal policies for startups, and more online accessibility on the part of government agencies. Since the land down under is, by all accounts, preparing for a heated election, it comes as no surprise that the announcement was met with a mixed response of criticism, heated Read more [...]