The Necessary Attributes of a Great CEO

A good analogy for a CEO is that of a diamond: all are judged by their quality, all are shaped under extreme pressure, and all are flawed to a degree. The four Cs of diamonds are Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity. On that basis, let’s take a look at what the four Cs of CEOs are, as described by Mark Stiffler. Credibility A CEO has to work hard at building credibility and, if they ever lose it, they will never regain it. CEOs build credibility by telling the truth 100% of the time. What this Read more [...]

The Full Story Behind the Co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners

People often look towards senior executives in large companies for inspiration. One company they often look towards is Sun Capital Partners, and particularly its co-CEO Mark J Leder. He offers a true story of inspiration, giving people the hope that they, too, can make it to the top if they want to. So who is Mark Leder, and what makes him so special? A Short Background Leder, born in 1962, is a native of Long Island, NY. He earned his BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Read more [...]

Larry Polhill – Be the Best New Manager That You Can Be

One of the most important things to develop if you want to have success in your chosen career path are your managerial skills.  As successful business people like Larry Polhill can confirm, even if you aren’t yet a manager, your demonstration of this skill set will be recognized by your supervisor, who won’t forget that you have what it takes the next time a spot on the management team comes up.  When you do get the nod, however, you may be concerned about how to settle into this new role – Read more [...]

Why Your Company Needs a Financial Advisor

Every business owner should seek out advice when it comes to the handling of their finance and failing to do so could result in the collapse or financial failure of your business. This is the last thing that you will want as a business owner and even if you have sound judgement when it comes to managing your finances, it will always be better to seek financial advice. Even the largest companies in the World hire people like Adam Rosenfeld Merrill Lynch financial advisor who deals with multi-million Read more [...]

How to Change Your Career to be a Financial Advisor

Being a financial advisor can be a greatly rewarding and exciting career path and one which it is never to late to embrace upon. A study in 2009 found that a massive 88% of new financial advisors had worked in other sectors before turning to financial advice and it is in fact considered far more advantageous that you have some experience working in various sectors before beginning your role as a financial advisor like Keith Springer.   If you are currently working in a financial based institution Read more [...]

Great Ways in Which You Can Grow Your Wealth

I know for a fact that there are many prudent folk out there who have looked after their savings for years and are sitting on a substantial pot of money. Many of my friends are in the same position and once the house has been bought, the kids put through college, the time comes to look at what we should be doing with this money. I started working with Kingstown Capital recently, specialists in wealth management and investment and i realized that this was exactly what I should start doing with my Read more [...]

How to Turn What You Love Into a Business

When many people consider getting into the world of business, they will rack their brains for hours upon hours to come up with a great idea, an idea that could change the World and one that will make them millions. Often it doesn’t have to be as difficult as people make it out to be and one of the best ways to create a successful business which you are passionate about, is to turn something that you love to do into a business.   We all have hobbies that can be easily turned into business success, Read more [...]
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How to Turn Your Business Idea Into Reality

Having a great idea for a business is something that happens to a lot of us, you’ve probably been there yourself, laying awake at night or driving to work when that light bulb goes off. For most us however, that business idea very rarely becomes a reality, we don’t have the time or the money or a real plan for how we will turn our idea into a business.   I was talking to businessman and entrepreneur Joe Cianciotto last week about something that he referred to as the ideas graveyard. What Read more [...]

Avoiding Common Tax Return Mistakes

Let’s be honest, none of us enjoy filing our tax returns, it is a form that few of us have time to fill out, requires information that we may not have and all told, it is just a bit of a pain in the butt. Despite this, it is absolutely necessary and a legal requirement that we fill out our tax return and the easier we make it on ourselves the better.   Something that will make this process a little less painful, is ensuring that you get it right first time, if you make a mistake then you will Read more [...]

Promotion Methods That Almost Always Work For Local Businesses

Small business owners often find themselves in a tough place as it is difficult to attract clients when the business first appears on the market. In most situations the clients are going to come from a local environment. This means that it is important to first understand how to promote a business at a local level and then eventually move towards a national approach. For instance, when you would run something like Barrier Pest Control of Boise, ID, the first approach is to find clients in Boise. Read more [...]