How to Create a Great Content Marketing Plan

Every business needs a way to get the word out, whether you're promoting blog posts or you have actual products to sell. Want to create a solid marketing plan? Here are the steps you’ll need to take. 1. Determine Your Goals What is it that you want to accomplish with your marketing? Write down a short list of goals. You’re going to refer back to these goals several times throughout this process. 2. Audit Your Current Content What are you doing that’s working? What isn’t making Read more [...]

How To Safely Dispose Of Confidential Material This Spring

With April comes tax time, a month when many Canadians are working with documents that list their contact information, account numbers, and their Social Insurance Number (SIN). Due to the increase in cases of identity theft, it’s essential that you take every precaution in order to protect your personal information when you organize your personal documents this spring. Be sure to file away the pieces you need to keep and destroy all other documents with care. An established destruction company Read more [...]

Start-up Offices: Glazing Over the Big Prices with Window Blinds

In some regards, one could describe the window treatments industry as something like a rollercoaster. Initially, blinds were cheap and cheerful, but now manufacturers have caught onto some advanced designs which mean that some window treatments are just plain expensive (albeit, hugely effective). For the start-up, this can be quite daunting. After all, the last thing any budding managing director wants to do is invest the bulk of his budget in the latest and greatest blinds. Even though they can Read more [...]

Poster Printing – Should You Go DIY or Hire a Professional?

It isn’t difficult to go to a shop and purchase your own poster printer. They are available from most computer stores, after all. What you have to ask yourself, however, is whether you really need a poster printer, or whether it would be far more cost effective to do something else. Similarly, it may not always be best to choose a professional poster printing company, particularly if you could just print something in color on a standard piece of A4 rather than professional poster printer paper. Read more [...]

How to Choose the Correct Commercial Storage Facility

If you have a business, you may not have enough space to store all your items as well. If you have any kind of overflow, such as furniture, files, inventory and equipment, you will need to think about where to keep them. You may, therefore, want to look for a commercial storage facility that helps you with your needs at a price that you can afford. Indeed, you can use commercial storage if you don’t have enough space yourself, if you are downsizing or upgrading, if you are renovating, moving Read more [...]

5 Brilliant Tips For Managing Your Talent As People, Not Machines

Managing talent isn’t just about sending the odd staff member off on a training day. It’s about recognising the real value of people   There is a weird paradox at the heart of the UK’s economy. The size of the nation’s human capital is undeniably massive. In 2010 it was valued at some £17.1tn – two and a half times the value of the country’s tangible assets. FTSE 100 companies spend more than £200bn on talent alone. Yet relatively little is known about how investing in talent Read more [...]

Use These Tools to Get More Done Every Day

Trying to make the most of your every day? These apps and tools will help you to complete your projects or keep up with your work schedule so that you can feel satisfied by the time you punch out. 1. Dragon Mobile Assistant has voice recognition software that helps you perform a variety of tasks on Android. The apps is similar to Siri for the iPhone. 2. Goods Order Inventory will let you not just sell products, but also track items, manage inventory, and transfer stock. Wherever your products Read more [...]
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How PEO Works

A PEO is an organization the works with a company to provide leased employees and other services. Standing for Profession Employment Organizations, these groups are responsible for employing, training, and paying large numbers of employees who are leased to other companies to work onsite. There are many things that these organizations can provide for a potential employer. Offer Onboarding   PEOs provide onboarding and off-boarding so that your company doesn’t have to do it alone. Read more [...]

Spread the Word about your Successful Business

Anyone who has ever opened their own business will know all about pressure and what it can do to your psyche. A great many new enterprises failed to last the course purely because their owners simply couldn’t stand up to the intensity that comes along, especially in the early days when the success of the venture is in the balance. There is no set menu for success when you open a new business, nor should there be, of course. If it was easy to become a winner in the world of commerce then every Read more [...]

Three Simple Casino Business Optimization Strategies You Should Implement Immediately

If you work within the casino industry and are interested in ensuring that your company is successful, it's important that you gain access to a plethora of effective business optimization strategies that will help you realize your goal. Here are just three of many casino business optimization strategies you may want to begin implementing right now. 1. Network, Network, Network. Of all the business optimization strategies that you might think of implementing to grow your casino company, networking Read more [...]