The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Have you ever wondered what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is? How does the concept of CRO affect your website and your brand? Is it important to pay attention to CRO? Hiring a company that will perform a professional Conversion Rate Optimization analysis of your website is very likely to be costly. Can you justify it in terms of the return on your investment? After all, you have a business to run and your business’s core function is to return a profit, or at the very least, show a return Read more [...]

How the Right Payment Platform Can Grow Your Business!

These days if you want to grow a business, heck if you even want to simply start a business, you have to be sure it is one that can grow on the internet. As more and more companies come to rely on the web for a larger percentage of sales, planning for growth on the net has become a business strategy that every new company needs to embrace. Starting with a great idea is just that, a good start. But creating a vibrant and easily expandable platform on the net to support that idea is how successful Read more [...]

The way businesses operate is changing and you need to keep up

There has never been a more exciting time to be a business owner. Whether you’re fresh faced and setting up your first business or established and looking to expand, there are so many new grants and funding schemes available to businesses that now it’s easier than ever before to really get your feet off of the ground. Here’s some information about how businesses are changing and what you should be doing to keep up: Use Technology to your advantage With so many new gadgets being launched year Read more [...]

How to set up a business franchise in your local area

As one of the most risk-free ways to set up a business, starting up your own franchise is a great idea. Setting up one in your local area is even better as you’re already familiar with the target audience and should have a good idea about what type of industry could be a success. From auto mobiles to food and drink and retail, there are so many opportunities that whatever your passion, there’s a franchise opportunity for you. Here’s how to set one up in your area whatever your interests: Business Read more [...]

How to market your business internationally

In an increasingly global marketplace, it doesn’t make sense to let borders get in the way of business. Many different kinds of business can benefit from going international but owners often hold back because they see it as complicated and too much of a drain on resources. It doesn’t need to be. Yes, there’s effort involved, but most of that is up front – once things are off and running, it’s surprising how little it takes to maintain compared with how much there is to gain. Using the Read more [...]

Verification of Identity Made Simpler with InfoTrack’s IDfy

Various states in Australia require Verification of Identity, or VOI, of any client transferring land or lease title to another, done to protect people from fraudulent land titles and reduce the risks of improper dealings. Through acts and legislations passed governing real estate and property transactions, lawyers, conveyancers, and mortgagees are mandated to perform identity checks on their clients to help reduce the number of fraudulent land and property transfers. Traditionally, Verification Read more [...]

Top Four Security Fundamentals Every Business Should Consider

Once you start up a business it’s all excitement and vision for the future, but without the right security features in place, those visions may never come to fruition. Here are the top four fundamentals of security you should start thinking about, if you haven’t already. 1) Risk Assessments and Safety Training Performing thorough risk assessments allows you to see your security issues for what they really are. Think about the way you dispose of documents and where you save important files, Read more [...]

How Improving Customer Satisfaction Can Benefit Your Business

There are few areas more important to your business than customer satisfaction. Not only does this provide you with a clear indicator of your consumer's purchasing habits but it can also be utilized to attract new customers. There are many ways you can try to improve customer satisfaction rates. Some of them tried and true classics and others are directly linked to the new technologies we have available to us. Improving Customer Retention Many entrepreneurs are under the impression that the only Read more [...]

How to Incorporate Creativity into Your 2016 Marketing Plan

Whether you’re selling spaceships or staples, there’s no excuse for a boring marketing plan in 2016. If you think that’s an exaggeration, see Blendtec’s (they sell blenders – that’s it) ‘Will it Blend?’ marketing strategy. It’s genius, and goes to show that whatever your product, a little bit of creativity goes a long way! But what if you just don’t have a punchy marketing team at your disposal? What if inspiration hasn’t quite fallen out of the sky? Cast your eyes over these Read more [...]

ILTA Technology Purchasing Survey Infographic

Business is always crucial and it is very important to know your customer’s purchasing habits. From the below infographic by axcient you can see that 281 law firm have taken a survey and we can see their purchases for the past 12 months.64% of them had purchased Laptops/Notebooks.63% of them have purchased desktop or hardwares.50% of them had upgraded servers and network.47% of them had purchased printers and other multifunctional devices and 41% of them have bought software’s like antivirus Read more [...]