The Joys of Business Travel

With my new job arrives business travel. It was one of the potential downsides and perks I looked at before taking a job. However, the free trips on the other hand to various places of fun sounds really sweet. As per people saying that all business travels are not that awesome. So, here is my say after couple of business trips I have been to. I would say that both camps are fine. I haven't had much of choice to do anything drastic but to eat and work while on my trips. I hardly get time to Read more [...]

Save Resources with Up To Date plans

it's important for any business to focus on having up to date plans for dealing with disruptions and emergencies; business continuity should be a priority when something does wrong, which means having a clear set of resources that can be used to restore balance in the event of a problem. There are many different ways to plan for incidents, and to preserve business continuity, which can help you to save on resources and prevent long term disruptions that can hurt your bottom line. How, then, should Read more [...]

White Collar Crimes: Penalties Increasing?

With the increased media coverage of white collar crimes, many people feel the time is right for increased penalties for such crimes.  However, no legislation is pending for such measures.  The country is in need of qualified individuals, preferably who have completed a social justice masters program, to help improve the current laws and practices. Currently, individuals facing federal white collar criminal charges can expect the following penalties. Criminal Penalties In Read more [...]

How To Tackle 3 Difficult Management Issues

Owning your own business can be the crowning achievement in your career but it can also bring a great deal of frustration. We would all like to think that a team under our management will exceed targets, have no conflict and meet any crisis head on in a professional manner. But despite your best efforts something will go against you at some point. It is how you cope with the situation that will determine the effectiveness of your management. If your company does not have an HR department it is Read more [...]

Investment options for women

There was a time when money matters were predominantly handled by the man of the house. This scenario has now changed completely. Today women all over the world have become money smart, and just as they walk shoulder to shoulder with men in their professional fields, they have also come to realize the importance of investments. But are the right investments for men and women the same? Well, pretty much. The only difference is the amount of risk a woman may take as opposed to a man. Nobody needs Read more [...]

Working Smart With Your Money: Important Tips For “Wise Man” Spending

Spending your money wisely is about getting more for your money. This does not mean to go make unnecessary purchases to say how much you have saved in doing so. An important piece in being smart with your money always involves budgeting. Make sure to have a budget in place to know how much you are even allowed to spend.   Don’t Buy On an Impulse Only shop when you have a need for it. This probably means you need to eliminate mall visits and window shopping trips. Only go to the mall Read more [...]

Corporate Name Badges – Their Importance in the Australian Corporate Sector

A corporate name badge is a way of identifying yourself officially. It will assert the official capacity of an employee of an organisation to the potential clients. Wearing name badges is not something new in the Australian corporate sector. It has been around for a long time and has successfully proved its efficiency in enhancing the image of an establishment.  These badges also play an important role in boosting the business prospects of an organisation. By having the name and logo of the organisation, Read more [...]

Business Finance Tips: How to Maintain Good Financial Reputation

No business will ever last without sufficient finance. Every business enterprise needs money to cover various financial obligations and to keep it running. Without continuous cash flow, the company will likely encounter severe monetary issues leading into bankruptcy. But why is it essential to maintain a decent financial reputation? How will the business benefit from it? For so many reasons, keeping your company’s financial reputation clean and respectable is vitally important. Firstly, Read more [...]
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Dealing with Debt Collectors

If you've missed an urgent invoice reminder, An unexpected visit from debt collectors can be highly stressful, and particularly if you’re not sure of the reason why - debt collectors typically represent the last course of action for companies that you’ve been lent money by, and can take many different forms - it’s important to know how to deal with them, and where you stand legally in terms of complaints and resolving any financial disputes. What, then, are some of the best approaches you can Read more [...]

5 Tips To Keep Your Money Safe

Your money is one of your most precious assets. Without it, you can't buy food or keep a roof over your head. Therefore, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your money safe from those who want to take it from you. Here are five ways that you can keep your money safe.   1) Only Keep A Certain Amount On You At All Times   If you are going out at night, you should only keep $50 or so on you at any given time. This will make it easier to give up your cash if you are held up at Read more [...]