Quinn Emanuel VIP: Jon Bunge

Currently a partner at Quinn Emanuel, Jon Bunge serves as a professional with years of experience, including years spent at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Supreme Court of the Unites States. He also holds a degree from the University of Chicago’s Law School division. But is there more to Jon Bunge? What are his other accomplishments within his field? Let’s take a look into the professional career of Jon Bunge, below. Professional experience in the office Currently Read more [...]

Marc Leder on Making It On Your Own

It is not an understatement to claim that establishing and running your own business would be a walk in the park. Marc Leder had a well-paying job at Lehman Brothers after he graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. However, the ambitious fellow craved more freedom in making his own decisions. Moreover, he was highly curious about the private equity business, so in 1995, he left investment banking and his Senior Vice President Read more [...]

Anura Leslie Perera the Ethical Businessman

While many people decide to do business for a shot of getting rich, Anura Leslie Perera believes that successful corporations also have an obligation to help and improve society. Putting money where his mouth is, Anura Leslie Perera raised funds through the Phylnormel Foundation to help the construction of the Nairobi Buddhist Temple in Kenya. Dedicated to the memory of Mr. George and Mrs. Normal Perera, the Theravada Buddhist organization participates in various humanitarian projects to alleviate Read more [...]

A Cyber Attack Would Not Only Ruin Your Morning

Imagine you wake up to your e-commerce website being defaced, or worse, crashing due to a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. There have also been reported cases where a website is being held as a ransom – the owner is forced to pay some money so that the website would be accessible again. Not only is this going to make the rest of the day unpleasant, you might even lost money and customers. This would be the day when you would wish you had some type of reliable cyber security, according Read more [...]
Handshake on a business meeting

Expertise and Results – The team behind Welfont Group

Located in the Sunshine State, The Welfont Group is a commercial brokerage firm that helps their clients locate, analyze, finance, buy and sell commercial real estate properties. They specialize in representing real estate investors and tax-exempt institutions. Using IRS-approved tax strategies, including the IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale and 1031 Exchange, they help their clients give in order to reach their charitable maximums. Welfont Group manages each investment from start to finish. Through Read more [...]

Skills That You Need to Succeed in Business

If you are looking to go into a career as a business owner then it goes without saying that you will need to first and foremost, have a great idea that you can take to the marketplace. That idea alone however simply isn’t enough, the world of business is a cutthroat industry where you will need to be fully armed with sufficient business acumen and skills to not just survive but to succeed. Much of your ability will be gained through having experience in the business world which will of course, Read more [...]

The best law schools in America in 2016

Looking to not only get a law degree, but from a school that will set you apart from the competition? In this post, we will discuss five of the best law schools in America, so if you wish to achieve great success like JD Dukes has, read carefully and take notes as you work your way through the article below... 1) Duke Duke's core strength lies in offering the types of law that will experience growth in the future. Specifically, two of these are environmental and international law, which will Read more [...]

What Every Businessman Should Know About Wealth Management

According to Forbes, wealth management is the science of enhancing a person's financial position. In other words, it talks about how much money you have, where you are spending it, and whether you are spending it wisely. Managing money isn't easy, especially when you have to deal with a large amount of wealth and assets. Usually, businessmen let wealth managers or financial advisors like Long Island Financial Advisors manage their money and plan for their own or their business' current and future Read more [...]

Salesforce product tour and its importance

Learning about new things becomes quite easier when you have hands on experience of the same. Marketing and sales is an integral part of every business these days. Customer relationship management is something that every organization should focus. With the help of good CRM software, you can analyze, log and manage all your customer activities with a lot of ease. Salesforce is a suite of CRM products that makes it easy for corporate MNCs to perform their day to day functions. It is one of the most Read more [...]

How to Secure the Long-Term Success of Your Business Blog in Four Steps

What separates time-tested blogs that drive revenue versus struggling sites with tepid traffic? Is it post frequency? The quality of the writing? Link-building power? While anyone can build a blog that makes money, it takes some  legwork to turn your blog posts into serious dollars and cents. However, what's perhaps more important that making money is securing your on-site income for the long-term. Think about it: your blog can come crashing down around you if you don't have the right Read more [...]