4 Tips For Great Supplier Relationships

The key to a successful business is very often based on how well a business interacts with its suppliers. Whether your business purchases products from wholesalers or it depends on suppliers for various products that can help the business grow, having a good relationship with such an important business partner is mandatory. When you have a good collaboration with your suppliers, you can get discounts, favorable prices and better payment terms. Also, if you have a problem with one of the products Read more [...]
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Five Steps to an Earth Friendly Office

Working in an office can be one of the most environmentally damaging professions, despite our best efforts, but as time goes on more companies and businesses are opening their eyes to how easy it is to recycle, and how much of a positive financial impact it can make on the company, and the earth. Computers left on, printers filled with uncollected files, food waste in the paper bins etc., all easy fixes, and a little knowledge can go a long way. Here are a few tips to help you: Start at the top If Read more [...]
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African American CEOs Now Even More Under Represented

The fact that African Americans are poorly represented in the highest levels of corporate America is no secret. In fact, Ursula Burns Xerox CEO and Charles Phillips Infor CEO mistress and master respectively of their operations, are two of a small handful of black CEOs. Unfortunately, those numbers recently took another hit, when Don Thompson, McDonald’s CEO, announced his retirement. This means that only two CEOs in the elite Dow 30 are now African Americans. The diversity picture, in fact, seems Read more [...]

10 Keys to Successful Leadership Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

There is no set definition to what a good leader is. However, most successful business men do agree that there are certain key elements that are found in all excellent leaders. This is why Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, has come up with a list of those 10 traits. For Phillips, inspiring others to be the best they can be, is a personal life goal, and he believes that these traits can be applied to all types and styles of leadership. 10 Key Attributes to Successful Leaders The must be versatile Read more [...]
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Charles Phillips and the Rules of Innovation

Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, is known for his military background, his law degree, and his MBA. He has worked in many different top strategic positions in global companies. Unsurprisingly, Phillips plays things by the rules. However, he also writes his own rules, and when it comes to his staff at Infor, the rule is that everyone should be committed to innovation. Building a Quality Workforce According to Charles Phillips, his workforce is his greatest asset. This is why rule number one for Infor Read more [...]

Why Is SEO So Important These Days?

It seems that every single businessman out there knows what search engine optimization (SEO) is and wants to use it for the long run. That is because of so many different reasons. The truth is that in the modern business world it is quite vital to use proper SEO strategies and to be involved in online promotions as much as possible. While the topic at hand is incredibly complicated and there are many things that should be highlighted, the main reasons why SEO is vital these days will be presented Read more [...]
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Could Portable Storage Containers be Your Retail Solution?

Retailers often face a difficult period of time when they leave one premises at the end of a lease, and find that they have a period of time between closing and being able to open up in their new premises. It’s something that should be avoided, but at times that’s not possible. It can feel very difficult as a business to find a way to continue to earn during this period, but many businesses are now utilising portable storage containers to help them to continue to work. Companies who are moving Read more [...]

Want to make it in Music? Get a Music Degree!

These days it ca n be pretty hard to break through in the music industry. Whether you’re trying to be the next breakthrough singer song-writer, you are hoping to climb the corporate music tree, it can be hard to know where to start, and hard to get anywhere even if you do know where to start! Unfortunately, the days of people like Simon Cowell working his way up from the post room to being one of the most important people in music is long gone. These days, it’s about working hard, knowing the Read more [...]
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Finding data recovery solutions for your company

If you run a company which relies upon a computer system to operate from day to day, then you absolutely need to think about data back solutions. From the very largest companies out there, down to the smaller operations which use a couple of linked computers, it’s normally the case these days that there’s a requirement of some sort to be able to call upon work previously carried out. Unfortunately as we all know, computers aren’t always the most reliable pieces of technology in the world, particularly Read more [...]
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What it takes to expand your business around the country

When you start your own business, you need to concentrate on getting the basics right and building up a solid local reputation. However, as success follows and plans are then laid for growth, at some point you are likely to want to expand your business around the country. By 'going national' you not only increase the pool of potential clients and customers, you can also benefit your company in many other ways too. Brand awareness By having a national presence your brand will naturally become better Read more [...]