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What Do You Do when People Say Bad Things About You?

Reputation management is incredibly complex, but it is something you absolutely have to engage in. It is recommended to do this with the help of professional online reputation management consultants, however, who are true experts in the field. They will start by finding out the baseline, your current situation, and go from there. What Are People Saying? Review sites, social media, forums, and blogs, are the go to places if you want to know what people are saying about you. All you really need to Read more [...]

How to Properly Execute and M&A and Be Successful in Your Endeavor

In the world of business, not a day seems to go by without one business acquiring or merging with another business. This makes sense, because merger and acquisition services can be used both as a growth strategy and as an exit strategy, depending on who is doing the acquiring. However, it is quite common for mergers and acquisitions (M&As) to go quite horribly wrong. This is mainly because they don’t understand some of the key points behind M&As. Why Have M&As at All? In most cases, Read more [...]

How to Be Successful in a Global Business

If a business is to be successful, it has to dive into the global economy. And to be able to achieve that, they must be able to innovate. Innovation and success go hand in hand, and a business that does not innovate in today’s world is doomed to fail. In fact, without knowing about proper innovation management techniques, managers will no longer be able to keep their organization competitive and successful. The problem is, however, that many businesses still don’t quite understand what innovation Read more [...]

Challenges Faced by Today’s Businesswomen

More and more women are taking on senior and top management positions, holding key responsibilities. This should be surprising, because woman have equal, if not greater, strength of character and competence than many men. Women in business are taking over roles that were strongly male-dominated in the past, being included in decision making roles more and more frequently. There are also women who build up their own empire, and really change the world. From Oprah Winfrey and Harpo to Marylon McGinnis, Read more [...]

The Redemption of a Company and a Person

Silicon Valley and Wall Street veterans alike remember of Charles Phillips for one main thing: 1-800-MR-CHUCK. Phillips wrote prodigious Morgan Stanley reports in the 1990s, becoming the world’s most respected plugged in software analyzer. He advised Morgan Stanley on the internet revolution. A true expert, he because advisor to the stars, speaking to some of the world’s greatest leaders. His business card, which held a personal toll-free number, was passed between the hands of CEOs all over Read more [...]

Oracle Issues The Largest Security Patch In History

Oracle often releases security updates on a quarter basis. However, there was never one that is as large as this. Market specialists started to criticize this from the moment the news appeared. It was highlighted that when Charles Phillips was Oracle’s president this did not happen even if the number of acquisitions done there was pretty huge. Now we see Oracle offering hot fixes for over 80 products and highlighting fixes for an “impressive” 276 vulnerabilities. Now we are faced with the Read more [...]

A private equity firm’s approach to charity

In the private equity industry, it can become easy to get lost in the large figures that are being branded about - as firms attempt to better their initial investment. As such, it can be refreshing to see the softer side of the industry. In the case of Sun Capital, not only have they grown to be one of the largest private equity firms in the world, but in doing so they have managed to support a range of charities. To put a number on it, the company has supported over 250 different organizations Read more [...]

Creating value from private equity investments

There's a reason why private equity experts are hot in demand - you have to be a shrewd thinker to create real value from an investment of this type. While there are umpteen strategies around, it would be fair to say that there are two which are the most common. These two strategies come in the form of venture capital investments and leveraged buyouts. There are different potential uses for both, as we take a look at them to highlight how the experts really do create such high value from some investments Read more [...]
Collection of various money to background

Funding options for large-scale projects

In a bid to capitalize on many emerging technologies, we're seeing more and more large-scale projects get up and off the ground. However, with some of these projects costing hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly more, there is the question of just who pays for it. Sure, the government may be responsible for several, but there are plenty of occasions where other sources are required. Here, we take a look at several of the main ways in which projects can get up and running courtesy of funding. VC Read more [...]