Start off with freelance writing and make money from home – Brush up your language skills

Did you recently develop a taste for becoming a professional online writer? If yes, there’s no problem at all with fulfilling your wish as you just have to sit down and type around thousand original words which are not copied from anywhere else. It is certainly an achievable goal for anyone who has been fond of writing. When we were in school, we often sought help from best essay writing service UK offering websites so that we could gather enough knowledge on the tricks of writing. If you had Read more [...]

Why Having Your Next Party Catered is a Great Idea

We all love social gatherings, especially those fun holiday parties and birthday parties. What we don’t love is all the planning and preparation that goes into them, as well as the role of host. This is because, though we love our guests and want them to have an amazing time, the idea of running around like crazy making sure that all of the food is in place and being enjoyed is the least fun part of your day. Luckily, because of great corporate catering in Manhattan and in literally any part of Read more [...]

Bankruptcy’s Impact On Child Support And Alimony

When filing for bankruptcy a really common concern appears with alimony obligations and child support. It is something of interest for those that owe alimony and child support and for those that receive alimony or child support. Bankruptcy will obviously have an impact on such financial and legal obligations but few people realize what these are. Priority Payments When looking at alimony and child support, these are seen as payment types that are of a high priority as the bankruptcy proceedings Read more [...]

7 Secret tips to become an ingenious presenter – Know the habits of successful presenters

Someone who is a great leader may not be a great communicator and all great communicators may not be good leaders. But if you’re eager about becoming a true leader, why should you take chances? Try your best to pull yourself out from your comfort zone and learn how you can conquer your fear of speaking the public by making presentations and pitches which bring positive results. Here’s good news for you as we’ll discuss some of the good habits of some successful presenters so that you can bring Read more [...]

How to file your taxes as a contractor

Contracting is a very lucrative career path. It is common for experienced workers who have completed a number of senior permanent roles to switch to a contracting career to further expand their field of experience. Experienced contractors can offer companies authoritative advice on issues that matter to them, and they tend to get paid very well for doing so. However, contracting brings a complication in that you are entirely responsible for managing your own financial affairs, which includes filing Read more [...]

Why Every Business Needs to Have a Lawyer

It takes more than just knowledge on how to create unique ideas and lead in order to build a business. An entrepreneur needs to know the legalities of running one, too. Every business needs to have a lawyer. This is a fact every entrepreneur should know by now. However, a lot of them, especially those who own start-ups, tend to skip the part of asking advice from a professional. Why? Consulting a lawyer is highly expensive. If you’re one of those who put off consultation or hiring a legal partner, Read more [...]

Key to success in the manufacturing industry

The first thing that you need to know as an entrepreneur entering the manufacturing industry is that you will be part of a highly competitive sector of the economy. As such, you need to keep pace with technological innovation and be in a position to offer something different, if not unique, to potential customers. Innovate to succeed Technological innovation is essential, of course, and even the merest glance at the history of manufacturing will show you that technology has always been the key Read more [...]

Every Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Extractor Fans

Extractor fans play an important role in a restaurant’s kitchen. Not only do they protect the employees, but the restaurant facility as well. They pull smoke, heat, and odour away from cooking surfaces. However, after quite some time, these fans can suffer from grease build-up, and become a safety hazard of its own. Just like any equipment in your kitchen, it also requires regular maintenance. Aside from that, it's also crucial to choose an extractor fan based on your restaurant’s needs in order Read more [...]
One person died in this three-car crash. (KATU News photo)

Lessons Everyone Can Learn After a Car Accident

Life is a series of accidents. It’s when you get up and learn something from it that you can say you’re living it the right way. Accidents happen, whether you are careful or not. You could keep your car in tiptop condition, follow all road signs, drive at the suggested speed limit, and focus on the road. These lessen the risk, however, they do not 100% guarantee your safety while driving. Sometimes, you just have to accept the accident for what it is, and reflect on what happened. I had my Read more [...]

Jonathan Swerdlow and The Future of Mobile Gaming Industry, iGaming

GamyTech is the first of its kind-- a real money skill mobile gaming platform. It is an Malta and Israel-based iGaming company, which allows people to play against each other and place bets on a number of new and classic mobiles games like backgammon, snake and 2048. The difference of this gaming app from the others is that it involves real money, which makes every game more exciting and thrilling. Who is Jonathan Swerdlow? GamyTech creator named Jonathan Swerdlow is a person full of curiosity Read more [...]