Office Design and Décor

Office Design and Décor

The office is more than just a working space, it’s also a living space and a statement. The office speaks volumes about the type of business that inhabits it and the people that work in the space everyday. So when it comes to office design and decor it’s important to strike a balance between functionality and comfort while also creating a space that reflects you and your business.

The Shape of Success

Designing an effective layout and structure for an office are the starting blocks of success. Get this right and you have the battle half won. There’s a lot to consider and a good place to start is by deciding how the space will be partitioned and what materials to use in order to accomplish that. Glass panels are a popular partitioning material as they help maintain a feeling of space and serve to let others know who as at their desk and who isn’t.


A calm and airy ambiance makes for a great working environment. This can be achieved using a number of methods; natural light, air con and glass walls being among them. Perhaps, however, the most effective method is through the use of colour. Choosing a cool calming colour sets the tone for the entire space and acts as a backdrop for all the other aspects of the design. You can of course opt to add a flash of colour here and there by hanging some paintings, photographs or promotional items.

Take a Seat

Office furniture such as chairs, desks and storage cupboards are the dynamic items within an office and should be chosen with great care. Standard office furniture is fine as long as the positioning is well thought through and the space is not too overcrowded. If, however, you want to be a little more adventurous, then there are lots of alternative options to consider.

Brain Breaks

We’re all used to working in a fast paced environment where people work long hours, continue to work while they eat lunch and take fewer breaks than they are entitled to. Brain breaks though are essential if the people in the office are to remain productive, focused and happy. Having a designated area where brain breaks can be taken is good practice.

Putting time and effort into a great design for an office space means that you and the people working there are more likely to feel comfortable while working and that visitors will be wowed the moment they walk through the door. That could be good for business!

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