My Office Desk Collection

My Office Desk Collection

An office desk should provide a comfortable and conducive working environment. My desk comprises mainly of work items but also has other collections because besides working from there, it’s where I have my lunch and chill after work hours. Well, nowadays such is life. You spend many hours at work and barely get any time to have fun. So, why not transform the office desk to space where you can work and still have some fun while at it? Here’s what my office comprises of;

A laptop

My job involves a lot of typing, and for most of the day, you are likely to find me submerged in my computer because most of what I do involves many online deals. You could say the laptop is my closest work buddy.


At any given time you can’t lack some non-perishables in my drawer. Seriously, with so many hours at work, I barely have time to grab lunch with colleagues or friends. For the most part of the day, I’m submerged in my laptop and when hunger strikes I have a solution.

Cell phone charger

You’ll all agree with me that in this century, more so this decade the cell phone is a crucial part of our lives so having it charged is a necessity. Having to borrow someone else’s charger is an inconvenience I choose to do without.


I spend a lot of time working, and sometimes I just want to take a breather and relax while listening to some cool music. Also, there are those days am in no mood for chit chats, and nothing says ‘leave me alone’ better than headphones.


Working should involve some fun, and for me, chess is all that plus more. When I’m not so busy, I challenge a colleague to a chess game, and that gets my head back in the game quickly.

The secret to having a good office desk is by having it as interactive as possible. Don’t get bored while at work because that would affect your productivity significantly. Get a desk that you can easily organize and fit all that you wish from There are a variety of options to choose from.

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