Michelle Marquez – The Emergence Of Ladies in The Stock Exchange

Michelle Marquez – The Emergence Of Ladies in The Stock Exchange

It is fair to say that the stock exchange and financial markets were for many years dominated by men. This happened in all walks of the stock market too from the legal side of it such as the securities commission fraud prevention and arbitration to the traders that actually make deals on the trading floor. When I was in university studying law my best friend there Michelle Marquez always dreamed of going on to work in these areas of the stock exchange, and was always unperturbed by the fact that it was so male dominated. Michelle achieved what she set out to do and thanks to women like her there are far more ladies in the stock exchange.




Michelle was not the only woman that decided to embark upon a career in such a male driven industry but she was apart of a group of trailblazers who decided that this was somewhere that they could work too. Michelle never set out to become someone that changed the guard but because of her desire and her willingness to succeed, she was able to become a part of what changed the status quo in this industry.


Above and Beyond


Many companies and industries now have certain requirements when it comes to hiring women or perhaps in some cases minorities, but this was not the case when Michelle first started. In fact Michelle told me that she was clearly not accepted by the industry in general and that she actually had to work harder and achieve better results than the men who also worked in her position, just to prove that she was indeed worth the position. This may have changed a great deal now but Michelle will actually tell you that this experience, whilst of course not enjoyable, actually helped her a great deal in becoming the professional that she is today.




Because of the fact that people like Michelle began working in an industry that was so testosterone filled such is the stock exchange, it has in turn gone on to help a great many women to feel that they can achieve these positions. In Michelle’s case she saw this first hand after a few years of working in the stock exchange, when a young female graduate told her that she wanted to follow in her footsteps. The emergence of women in this industry has been as a result of a knock on effect that started with amazing women like Michelle.




Even now this is not exactly an industry which has equality across the board but that is as a result of more men being interested in the stock market rather than women being frozen out of it. The change is a refreshing one and because of the work that Michelle has done in helping to shift the balance, I can honestly say that I am proud to say that I know her.

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