Make those savings Count – Invest Wisely!

Make those savings Count – Invest Wisely!

How easy does it sound when we talk about saving money whether it is through a mutual fund or through access to a savings account? But in real life it isn’t that simple when it comes down to gathering your funds. Moreover how does one save on money while investing in something as big as property? Our experts lend a hand and give you various life saving financial tips that will not only help you save while you invest in something large but will also help you plan out the smaller expenses smartly.

1.       Tab your Expenses, Go big on your Savings:

It is one of the simplest rules while taking financial savings into account. You need not be a genius to figure out that you need to gain a higher return investment when you buy off a property and spend considerably less while managing and fixing those needed repairs and damages. But people cannot usually understand the importance of this small and tiny step which serves as the base of finance management. Less expenditure directly results into more saving and thus lets you have that extra hand for income in cases of emergency.

2.       Do not Stray Away from your Budget:

Some of us have a tendency to spend more than what we can afford. Sometimes this may lead to a cut into forwarding the growth of your savings. While investing in property make sure that you find something that comes well in range of your budget so that if there is any additional expenditure later on they can be met with ease from the very boundaries of the budget that you have planned. It is easy to go overboard when you see that amazing pent-house that suits exactly the home you wished for, but you must also consider the mortgage charges a heavy duty property like that could incur on your budget.

3.       Keep the Credit Card Away:

Credit cards are the worst way to spend a bomb without realizing how much of it is gone. They are the tiny plastic swaps that do not relate to the real money that is being spent through the process. So make sure that you do not hold a bunch of these and allow your finances to seep through your fingers. Keep a track and use the cards only in cases of need or emergency. This will help you keep a clear idea of how much more you can possibly save. Also, do not make heavy investments using these since they are an unreliable way of knowing what transactions occur.

4.       Expenses? Prioritize Them:

When planning on your savings prioritizing your expenses is the first thing that demands your attention. If you are looking to investing in property it becomes very important as to how much you want your budget to be, what other additional expenses will be incurred after the deal has been signed and the management of your cash flow so that your mortgage can be conducted smoothly without affecting your regular income. Keep checklists with the most important expenses forming your top calls and the other lowering down in ranks?

Whether investing in the upcoming projects in Mumbai with their arena of high-tech work spaces or luxurious apartments, saving through your expenditures is an art and requires patience and execution. Learn to master this with keeping these pointers in mind. Also, invest in good real estate agents since they will be great tools in helping you save those additional costs which you would otherwise remain unaware of.

Bio: Rushi Jain is a professional estate marketing agent and is currently promoting the various upcoming Indore home’s dealing with top quality residencies and commercial offices. She tells her clients how important it is to plan an investment when it comes to property and how to do it right.


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