Leverage the World Cup fever to make money – Ideas to monetize FIFA 2018

Leverage the World Cup fever to make money – Ideas to monetize FIFA 2018

Are you someone who wishes to take advantage of the approaching World Cup 2018 to make money? The FIFA World Cup 2018 is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event that is all set to rock the country and its fans. Remember that the World Cup is not just about football but it is also about earning money and this is the reason behind so many global brands like Coca-Cola, Toyota and Electronic Arts monetizing such opportunities which are presented by the World Cup by becoming either their partners or official sponsors or supporters of this game.

As per the estimates, not less than 750 million millions from all over the globe will be in Russia to watch the football games live. If you’re not one of them who could grab tickets to the FIFA World Cup, are you wondering where to watch the World Cup online live? Thanks to VPN that you can even stream the matches online and watch them at the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, if you’re looking forward to making quick cash, here are few ways to go about.

#1: Affiliate Marketing

If you have an experience with affiliate marketing, you would understand soon that the ultimate essence is to drive as much traffic as possible to the site through several channels. You can opt for sites like Amazon and Clickbank through which you may become an affiliate marketer. They will give you a link and all you need to do is to promote it to get sales. You may even keep a blog or a social media page on the World Cup where you keep posting high quality World Cup content, post affiliate links and also mention linking to sites streaming the World Cup. With every sale, you can get 10-76% commission on the sale and you also have another opportunity of marketing high end electronics which can be used for watching the games.

#2: Private accommodation

We all are aware of the fact that during the FIFA World Cup 2018, motels, hotels and other guest houses will remain fully booked and this is even truer when they’re located nearby the venues of the matches. Are you someone who is living in the city where the matches are going to be held? If answered yes, you can turn your spare room into a mini guest-house and earn money from the guests by letting them stay. This is one of the best ways of making money as long as your house is presentable enough. There will always be football fans and tourists who will watch out for cheap accomodation and hence you can help them to make money.

#3: Uber and taxi service

The big events and holidays offer a huge opportunity for taxi drivers and Uber drivers to transport people from one place to another. In Russia, for the FIFA World Cup 2018, there will always be tourists who will want to ride from airports to their hotels or from their lodges to the venue of the matches. During such sports events, people even drink too much of alcohol and hence they are always in need of people who can drive them back home. So, you can start off with either an Uber or taxi service which can drive people from one place to another.

Try as much as you can to promote all your initiatives which you make during the World Cup to make money. However, while you market your business, avoid using the brand names, the images or the brand words which might infringe in trade mark of the FIFA.

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