Kurt Sanborn: Keys to Managing Your Engineering Business if it is in a Crisis

Kurt Sanborn: Keys to Managing Your Engineering Business if it is in a Crisis

The engineering business is very challenging, requiring many different elements in order for success to occur. The ongoing challenge with an engineering firm, is to consistently find new clients and hold onto valuable employees. Engineers like Kurt Sanborn are very specialized and not easily replaced, so keeping employees can make the difference between your business delivering quality services or not.


If your engineering business is having challenges, that have reached the crisis level, you need to take action and adopt a frame of mind that will get you out of this particular situation and lead you back to profitability. The following steps can help you too and your crisis situation.


Make Sure Everyone Understands the Situation

Often times when a company is having problems, management chooses to keep those problems Secret. They feel that they can solve the problems on their own and need not involve or bother the other employees. Sometimes this strategy works out, but more often than not you can have negative consequences even if the company turns things around. Employees have a vested interest in the success of the company and they deserve to have an understanding of where things are with the business.

This does not mean you need to give them every single detail, but you do need to let them know if the company is in a crisis situation. You should gather all your employees together and let them know where things are and what your current plans are to turn things around. You should listen to their feelings and solicit opinion on your plan to make sure that they are all clear about it and recognize why you are choosing to take the desired approach. In the end you will walk away with better engage employees and if things do not turn around, you don’t have to worry about the animosity that would follow if the employees found out that this was a persistent problem and just were not informed.

Stay Focused on the Problems

Many times when there are big problems at a company, management is overwhelmed and turns away from the problems thinking the time will solve them. Although this can be comforting for a short period of time, it is absolutely the wrong approach to take. When there large problems at your company you need to meet them face on. You need to understand what the source of the problem is and stop that thing from continuing to occur. If it was a one-time event, you need to make sure that that event is not happen again.


You then need to aggressively go at the problem with Solutions. Stay focused on what you can do and do those things diligently. A key element is to not waste time because time can make the difference between successfully turning your business around or not. Calling all the necessary people that you need to execute your turn around plan and tell them how dire the situation is so that they understand the importance of their roles. If you can stay focused and action oriented throughout the process, you have a great chance of saving things.


Remember Everyone Goes Through Tough Times

When we think about the icons of business, we usually think about them when they are at their height of success. Perhaps it is Steve Jobs turning the world around with his genre breaking Apple products or maybe it’s Jeff Bezos who has disrupted several large Industries with his worldwide conglomerate Amazon.com. But we don’t have to consider about these business titans is that all of them have gone through really challenging times that seem to foretell business failure rather than success.


Remember Steve Jobs was initially the CEO of Apple and was fired unceremoniously fired. It was only during his second tenure that he brought the company to its current heights. So you can take on your challenges knowing that this is simply a part of business and the focus and resilience that you show will be rewarded in the future.


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